Thank You For Loving Me When I Don't Love Myself
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Thank You For Loving Me When I Don't Love Myself

"Aint no body got a best friend like mine."

Thank You For Loving Me When I Don't Love Myself

To my guy best friend,

You have been someone who was there for me when some of my other friends weren't or even family. You've been someone who has made my life a better life just by being in it. You're someone who doesn't realize how amazing you are so I'm steady remind you and I don't mind doing that. You're the one person that makes me okay with having a brother by another mother. There is so many things I should thank you for. I'm going to start with a big one.

Thank you for being there for me whenever everyone else left the scene.
No matter what it was, boy drama, family drama, or fights between friends. I know I can always count on you to be there. You've always been my shoulder to cry on. (even when I need to ugly cry). For that, you deserve a thousand thank you's. No matter what you've been there for me. I know I'm a headache sometimes but you always make me feel loved and appreciated.

Thank you for telling me things I don't want to hear but you know I need to here.
You literally couldn't care less if it's going to hurt my feelings. You always tell me like it is. "He doesn't want you". "You're going dressed like that?" "You have to much makeup on"
I can't even get mad at you about it because I'm the same way with you. I'm glad you are so honest with me. If you weren't then who would be?

Thank you for having my back and side. LOL (see what I did there?)
Despite everything we've been through. Despite the arguments we've overcome, you have had my back through everything. When girls were mean to me you had my back. You've also had my side through everything. Even though that guy that hurt me is also your friend you still picked my side secretly.

Thank you for playing those games with me through Imessage.
Whether it was 2PM or 2AM you will play those stupid games with me. I'm glad because if you didn't id be extremely bored sometimes... Even though you agree to play with me, you never agree to LET me win.. I know if I won. I won fair and square.

Thank you for allowing me to play my sad, depression, heart break songs when I need to.
OK OK I know I don't have the best music taste but thanks for listening to it just to make me happy. Thank you for screaming to every song that songs on the radio. I guess thank you for introducing me to "rap" lol

Thank you for introducing me to your family.
I'm so thankful for your mom especially. Y'all made me feel welcomed as soon as I started coming over and I'm so glad that I can call your family my family too. (and I can't wait for the baby to get here)

Thank you for allowing me to have a opinion on your "girlfriends".
Even though I'd put up with anyone for you. You allow me to have my own opinions on them without getting mad at me. Of course if you see something good in her then there has to be SOMETHING good about her and she has to be worth getting to know. But if I don't like her then I'm allowed to tell you.

Most importantly,

Thank you for loving me when I don't love myself.
A lot of days I feel like I'm not good enough. I feel insecure. But you always love me enough for the both of us. You never let me feel bad about myself.

You are one of the most important people in my life. I don't want to have to image life without you. So thank you for being in my life. Thank you for giving me years of laughter and stomach pains. Thank you for being the reason I still have hope that there are still good guys our there. Thank you for agreeing to be my "fake boyfriend" when we are in public and a weird or ugly guy is trying to hit on me .

Here's to many more years of laughter and hate jokes.

I love you,

Your girl best friend!

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