I am at a great time in my life. The future is bright with so many wonderful things to come. There is change, new friends, new places, and a whole new chapter.

At college this fall, I hope to meet wonderful best friends who are with me for both parties and chill nights in. As being with someone who has anxiety, I have my own set of little jitters and habits. So, to my future friends, this is for you.

Dear Future Friends.

I can't wait for our future days and nights together. I can't wait to laugh and joke and scream with you. I will be there to cry with you or be mad with you, to plot silly revenge with you.

I hope we make memories together, sing loud and often, dance crazily, and make the best days of our lives the best they can be.

This goes out to the nights that will turn into mornings, and you all - the friends that will turn into family.

This goes out to the future amounts of pizza, coffee, chips, Red Bull, and candy we will consume.

You will see however I worry often. I overthink. I doubt myself. So thank you for every time you will tell me it's okay, reassure me, and tell me I can.

Sometimes I won't go out with you, and I am sorry that some days I am that party pooper, but I hope you still go out without me. And, I will be forever grateful for our nights in with a lot of food and talk.

I will apologize for everything. I will say sorry if you tell me to stop saying sorry. I feel bad for the silliest things, like eating the last piece of pizza even if I have your permission.

But despite my flaws and quirks, I will always try to be the best friend I can. I will be there to listen and to be a shoulder to cry on. I will be there when you need it and if you knock on my door late at night or call my phone I will answer and be there. I will be loyal to you and always try to cheer you up when you are down.

To four years together, and beyond, I promise you I will share clothes and makeup tips and memories and love.

We will be friends for all of college I hope, and friends beyond it even.

Lots of love,