To My Friends Graduating High School

To my friends graduating high school, congratulations! You've survived four years of agonizing self-doubt mixed in with the incredible triumphs of making the varsity sports team or getting straight A's every single semester. Regardless of what you accomplished or did not accomplish during those four years, you are graduating now and moving on to the next chapter of your life. It can be scary but it is truly the most exciting time of your life.

Take the things you learned from high school and apply it to every aspect of your life. All the life lessons learned and even through all the tough situations, it shaped you. You are who you are because of the events that happened in these four years so don't let them go-keep them with you.

For those of my friends that are going to college, your freshman year will change your life so much. You will be surrounded by so many people who will influence you greatly (good or bad). Remember to take in the last moments as you walk across that stage to grab your diploma. Take in all the familiar faces you've been so used to seeing in the halls, take in everything that you are used too because it will never be the same again.

Spend your summer wisely with friends and family. After all, if you are attending college and moving out they won't always be there anymore. If you and your friends are going to separate colleges, spend as much time as you can with them as well. It truly is a culture shock when you leave everything that you are comfortable with and really start your life but it is the biggest blessing in your life.

For those of my friends who decided to not attend college or wait for college, this is your time. Find a job you really love and get excited about in the mornings rather than just trying to pay the bills. This is a huge time of growth for you as well because you may be moving out or working towards that goal and learning how to save money for bills and rent can be a challenging task. Remember to always ask for help if you need it, it is your future on the line.

To my friends who have not peaked yet, this will be the tip of your peak. Live it up, make friends, go on dates, and don't be afraid to do crazy things while also keeping on task with your school work. This will be the time of your life for growing up and making this the best time of your life! Remember these will be the stories you share with your grand-kids!

To my friends who did peak in high school, don't worry this will still be a fun time for you! Maybe you are used to be the person everyone pays attention too and now, in college, no one really pays attention. That isn't bad though because maybe you'll find your future bridesmaids, your first husband, and get a diploma out of it as well when you finish college. Remember to always be kind and never forget what your dreams are and it's okay if no one pays attention to you anymore (it's honestly better that way).

To everyone graduating: Congratulations and welcome to the beginning of the rest of your lives!

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