I come from a huge family. We're constantly busy and running around doing things and attending events for one another. My family and I have always been super close, and it is truly a blessing to have such a tight group of people you call home.

I was always that teenager that loved to go out with friends and always wanted to be out of the house. Don't get me wrong, college is beyond fun and I love my life here. But, the things I took for granted turned out to be the things I missed the most. Being away from home has shown me a new appreciation for my family and the time I spend with them.

I have realized after a few years of college that the small moments are the best memories. Just spending an evening in my living room and laughing with them, or watching my siblings play at their games brings me so much joy. Those are the things I always look forward to when I go home.

Friends come and go, but your family will be there no matter what. I've seen close friends come and go, sometimes not always the way you want. Your memories with your family will be the ones you cherish the most in the long run.

Family drives you crazy and sometimes you may even need your space from them, and that's okay. Aside from their own personal craziness, love them for who they are.

To my family, I love each and every one of you. I love that we have been brought up to stand up for one another, support one another, and be there for one another. I love the memories we've made at the beach, laughing at the dinner table, making fun of each other, and just simply enjoying each other's presence in the family room. Thank you for an amazing life full of happiness and memories that I will cherish forever. I love you all dearly.