To My Ex Best Friend, I Want You To Be Happy

It has been awhile since we last talked. The last time we talked, we made plans to hang out, but that never happened. There are times that I look back on all our memories and laugh.

We were the best of friends, and our friendship was extremely tight. We did everything together; we hung out every day and had sleepovers every weekend, and I even went to most of your family events with you. I became like family with yours. I knew everyone, and everyone knew me. Your mom even thought of me as a daughter.

We have so many things to look back on; we have enough to last me a lifetime. I guess there’s a time when all the fun must come to an end, right? Things took a turn for the worst, and we didn’t even realize it. Our daily hangouts and weekend sleepovers ended. We then stopped snapping each other slowly; and then all together, it just all stopped.

It isn’t something we saw coming. Once it happened, we tried to get back to how it was, but nothing was working. We either were working, or we had something coming up. We always put it off and said we would try to find time, but we never did. You started to show how you prioritized the people you cared about, and I, for one, was the last of your worries. You chose to go one way, and I went the other.

You hang out with the people we always hung out with growing up, and as for me, I chose to surround myself with positive influences. I felt as though this is what was meant to happen to us. Even though our friends are connected in some way, we keep our distance from each other. It is just something we have no control over.

Before our friendship fell through, I was closed and kept to myself. I mean, I am kind of still that way, but I am also more out there and full of energy. I have no problem meeting new people and getting along with people. You, as well, have made new friends.

You seem as happy as can be. You look as if you found the people you want to surround you, and I have found the kind of people I want surrounding me. It has been one crazy ride, and the thing about it is, I wouldn’t change anything about it.

I learned what it was like to have someone who was just like me, someone who I spent a lot of time with. I had found my best friend. It hurts sometimes, knowing that we don’t talk or anything anymore. That’s what happens when you grow up, I guess.

Just know that I will always be there for you when you need me, and remember that I love you with my entire heart. I just hope one day you’ll finally be happy with everything that life has offered you.

Best of luck, and please be careful.

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