To My Best Friend Who Just Got Engaged

To My Best Friend Who Just Got Engaged

This is the most exciting time of your life, and I'm so glad to watch you go through it

Christina thomas

13-year-old girls with bright eyes and silly hearts. Fresh converse, colored skinny jeans,- what are fashion trends? We dressed how we pleased. Running around gym corridors and gawking at cute boys that were too old for us, and we knew that too well, but it was still fun to daydream. Laughing until our breath became shallow and never letting our days of coloring leave us behind. Painting our nails on your bathroom floor. Cotton candy scented and teal crackle polish that made us feel like we were on top of the world even though we were only in the 8th grade. Sneaking into your parent's kitchen and pulling out fresh cookies out of the cookie jar that we knew we shouldn't be eating but we just wanted to enjoy sweet things before life caught up to us and made the sweet things sour. Watching the same mermaid movie over, and over, and over again because the girls in the movie reminded us of the kind of friends that we are.

High school began and we were ready. Maybe. We cut our hair to make us seem older and didn't realize that that was one of the most fashionably tragic mistakes we could have made. We walked through the beginning stages of high school- learning so much about who we were. What we believed, who we wanted to surround ourselves with, and how to this thing.

We climbed out your window and sat on the rough and read the bible and felt the cool breeze fly through the air because we were 16 and we knew that these moments wouldn't last forever. In my moments where I felt insecure and not seen in my own environments you spoke words of truth and life to me and reminded me that I could defeat the giants. The giants that seemed so big but you would remind me that my worth is so much bigger.

School got busy and we knew that well, but we made time for each other because that's what intentionally in a friendship is. Junior year of high school I walked into the guidance office and held you while you cried over our friend that had just committed suicide. You held me back, and we mourned something together that no 17 years old should ever have to cry over.

You then met your now finance. Tall and sweet, I was skeptical that he could be as great as you say. Yet, he never broke your heart like the other ones, he held you in ways that we would talk about in our teenage days. You started dating him in high school and you were so happy. But the great thing about you was that you never let that come in between our friendship. Boys were great and you were happy you found a great one, but you knew friendships were important, and you never compromised your values- even for the one.

We started college together and life became busy. We didn't spend as much time together as we used to, but we both knew we were still there. As we went through college together you were intentional with making sure we still saw each other, and that is something I'm forever grateful for.

Now you're engaged, and my heart is so happy for you. Our teenage years were sweet times of learning, growth, and joy. But our adult years are becoming so much more. To you sweet friend,

to the years we spent talking for hours about our future husbands, to the hours of laying on the floor of your childhood room reading your teen magazines, to watching you get engaged to the one that protects your heart well. I cannot wait to be there for your special day. You are pivotal and intentional in a world that is fast-paced. Love you with my whole heart!


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