Best friend,

You are truly a gift from some higher power. You are my sister, my partner in crime, my Netflix buddy, my therapist, my spellcheck, my editor, and the best boyfriend I’m ever going to have. Now of course I’m kidding, seeing as we are not in a relationship.

But you are an amazing person who makes me feel just as amazing. As a best friend you strike that perfect balance: supporting my decisions, but also knowing when to tell me my ideas are stupid. We like most of the same things, but our differences never seem to get in the way. We can acknowledge each other's opinions while also discussing, but knowing when we've gone too far. That being said, I love how we hate the same things. I vent to you and you complain to me in a way that is therapeutic and often times highly amusing for the listener. At the end of the day, I can just be myself around you.

We are like the two sides of the same coin. We fill in the gaps and weaknesses of the other in a perfect team. I swear batman and robin would envious us. You make me laugh like no one can because we have accumulated years of inside jokes and shared memories.

How lucky am I to have a best friend like you. Someone who doesn’t mind when I repeatedly hit them in the movie theater when a good preview comes on. Someone who doesn’t mind holding my hair when I throw up from too many shots. Someone who doesn’t judge me when I say “Let’s go get McDonald’s” at 1 am in the morning; because you had been thinking about it for two hours already. Someone who I can just let go and be utterly stupid with.

Every girl needs a best friend, to fill that place in her heart that only a friend can. To mend her heart when it is broken, or to make her heart swell with encouragement. Someone to share secrets with, someone to laugh with until you can’t breathe and you nearly pee yourself. Someone to go on road trips with and sing terribly in the car together. Every girl needs a best friend, and I’m so glad that you’re mine.