An Open Letter To My Long-Term Boyfriend
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An Open Letter To My Long-Term Boyfriend

Allybug, you will always have my heart

An Open Letter To My Long-Term Boyfriend
Baylee Peck

My Dearest Alex,

You were sitting next to the only open seat left in our computer class back in sixth grade. I was forced to sit next to you, I didn't really have a choice. Though, I quickly learned that my seat was open for a reason. This was God's way of bringing you into my life, and now I thank him every day for that life-changing moment.

We went on to become best friends. We grew so close during the seventh grade because we had every class together. From homeroom to gym class (remember how I beat you in basketball?) you were right there. Now, the theory of boys and girls never lasting as "just friends" became true eighth-grade year. Boy oh boy, did I fall in love. Or so I thought I did.

It was that very year in 2011 that you swept me off my feet. You became my first real boyfriend, I had no idea how much you would mean to me over time. I had no idea how much time there would even be. Back then it was just an innocent crush on a boy I had grown up with, now you're everything, you're my life and sole purpose of my happiness. I would not be who I am today without you and all we have been through.

Spending almost five years with someone, you learn a lot about a person. We've learned that as a couple and individuals we both aren't perfect, we still have a lot of growing up to do. That's the thing about relationships that get most people, though, the growing part. As my dad told me, "young love is the hardest love, you either grow apart or grow closer as you age." I think we're still working on that.

Going through high school as a couple was the best experience I think we've both encountered. It was full of football games and excitement, we grew so close and leaned on each other for everything, whether it was a test or a mental break down on a Monday, we were always there for one another. College is where things got hard. I mean real hard. I worried that this is what my dad was talking about, the growing apart phase. I spent countless nights up crying because I just knew it was too good to be true. I was scared and hurt because you weren't just down the road anymore. I was being selfish. This is where I learned as an individual that love is so much more than a hug and kiss before bed. Real love is being selfless at all cost, and putting your significant other's happiness before yours because if you really love them, their happiness is enough to make you happy. However, things got so much better. Distance has really made our hearts grow fonder and we finally have the space to grow as individuals so we can grow closer as a couple. We have found our happy medium.

As cliché as it sounds, I wouldn't trade this crazy roller-coaster of a relationship for anything in this world. I still look back on these years and wonder how we got here. How do two immature twelve-year-old kids in a computer class grow into high school sweethearts who graduated together and are now planning a small vacation for our fifth anniversary? It just baffles me. I never imagined loving a person as much as I do you. You give me high hopes that true young love really does exist. You make me so excited for my future with you and all our dogs we are going to have.

Alex, what I am trying to say is I love you, all of you. Your belly laugh, your crinkled nose wen you smile, your crazy love for chocolate milk, your smelly feet. I love everything about you, and most of all I love you for loving me.

The best part about being with you for so long is I can still look at you today, while you're carelessly brushing your teeth in the morning and feel my heart flutter. Nobody else can make me feel the way you do, and I am perfectly okay with that.

I love you more than you know,

Alyssa Alvey

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