You know absolutely everything about me and more. You know my favorite foods, my favorite ice cream flavor, and my favorite tv show. When I needed a shoulder to cry on you dropped everything to be by my side and would drive across town to make sure I was always safe.

This past year we have gone our own ways and have grown in different ways. We both have found our new people. We both have new friends and we both are moving on with our lives. My favorite tv show has changed and I don't really like chocolate ice cream anymore.

Just because we have grown does not mean we have grown apart. Twelve hours down the road can't bury a friendship. We always find time for that facetime call even if we play phone tag for a week. There are even weeks when I do not hear from you but I know you're living it up and I am doing the same. But when we both text that code red we drop everything to call each other.

It was hard leaving everyone I knew and the town I grew up in. It was especially hard leaving you and all the memories. All the crying and the laughs and the midnight adventures when we first got our licenses.

While I have met new friends and have great new people in my life, my best friend will always have a special place in my heart. You were my person growing up who was my backbone when I needed one and attached to my hip for years.

I am sad that I don't get to experience any of these college adventures with you. Taking on the adult world for the first time is difficult and I wish almost daily you were right beside me. I wish you could meet everyone that I have befriended and I wish you could see this amazing campus that I live on. I wish you could buy a plane ticket and sleep on my floor for the next three years.

I count down the days until I am able to see you again. No one said how busy the real world is and making time for people. It was a lot easier when we were ten and you lived down the street. It was even easy when we were seventeen and the drive to your house was only eight minutes. Now we both have to wait for a free minute between our classes to call.

I also need to thank you for my childhood. From kindergarten all the way until graduation to us crying in my driveway the night before I left. You will always be my person, my best friend, the aunt to my kids and the person I call when I'm having a breakdown.

You will always be the person that knows me best, even if my favorite foods have changed. You will always be the first person I call when I have any sort of news, and the person I ask when I need any advise. Even if we do not get to talk to each other for weeks, I write down all my crazy adventures and fill you in later. You are more than my high school best friend, you are my lifelong best friend.