To the college student staying home for the summer,

It's okay to be at home. But in reality, I know how awful it is. It can be challenging to enjoy it when you're working a 9-5, slaving away at an internship, and/or possibly taking summer classes. Days seem the same. Everything is a boring blur.

When you see your friends studying abroad or score an internship in another state, it's hard to not be jealous. You're happy for them and are excited to see what they're up to, but wishful thinking can set in. You begin to wish that it was you traveling to Greece or living in Chicago. This amplifies when people post about it every other day.

Living at home can be cumbersome if your friends live far away or at school in the summer. But you can figure out who your real friends are. If someone truly wants to be your friend, they will make the effort to stay in contact with you. Your friendship means more to them than the inconvenience of having to drive or fly a plane to see you. Nowadays, it's easy to FaceTime and catch up until you see them next!

Spending time with your parents isn't as bad as you think. I love being home and seeing them because when I go back to college, I know I'll be busier, so I may not be able to visit as often. Spend a day shopping with your mom or golfing with your dad: they'll love it and you both will have the memory of it forever. Going out with parents is a whole different ball game than going out with your friends; your parents may surprise you!

One of the nicest parts of being home is the silence. Compared to living up at school, home is the best place to relax because there's nobody walking the streets drunk at 2 AM shouting. Appreciate this while you can because it is hard to come by in a college town. Bask in the silence by sleeping in, watching your favorite show, reading a book, or working on homework.

Get to know your area more. When you have a free day, look up things to do. Go to a coffee shop or restaurant you haven't tried. Go downtown with a friend. See what activities are going on in the community. New sights are always a good way to switch up a routine.

You may have saved yourself a lot of money by staying home. If you want to go somewhere you've never been, start saving up now so that you're ready to go for next summer! It's brainless to spend all your checks and tips, but put aside a little bit each time. See how much can build up in your account, and you may be balling by the time summer is over.

Invest more time into yourself. If you want to eat healthier and go to the gym, do it. If you want to change your hair or your clothes, why not? Find new hobbies. Read more. Do whatever it is that makes you happy. With all this free time, summer is the perfect opportunity to re-establish self-love.

To the college student staying at home, I know it sucks, but it could be worse.