To Be Involved, Or Not To Be Involved... That Is The Question
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To Be Involved, Or Not To Be Involved... That Is The Question

How do you find the time to experience all of the exciting things happening on campus?

To Be Involved, Or Not To Be Involved... That Is The Question
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As with any University, Clemson University has a lot of traditions. One you may not hear about as often as its contents to complete; The Bucket List.

A lot of the bucket lists you might find for Clemson University were created before a lot of changes to the grounds and policies were made; today not many students would be able to check off every item on those lists. I have decided to DO as much as I can possibly can manage in the time I have at Clemson, while trying to tick off some of those items from other bucket lists.

As I began to write this article I didn't realize how much I have experienced already here at Clemson; I actually had to cut a lot of things out because this article was getting so long!

There is no shortage of things to get involved with on campus and off campus at Clemson University. You'll often come across pop-up booths and mobile displays inside RV's, anywhere on campus, and traffic jams of stations on Library Bridge.

There is an event at the beginning of Fall semester called the Tiger Prowl where most of the organizations on campus will have booths where they hold information sessions.

You can also check the Clemson Student Organization page TigerQuest to find a list of groups and programs to check out.

A lot of students, when they see their syllabi and course load, will question the decision to join an organization or wonder how it will all affect their GPA by "losing" study time. Here is a study performed by Purdue University about exactly that subject.

"This study examined the grade point average (GPA) of undergraduate students enrolled at Purdue University during the fall 2009 semester to determine if there is a relationship between student involvement and GPA. The students were divided into one of three groups: general students, student organization members, and student organization officers. An average GPA was calculated for each group and used in a two-sample t-test for significance. The results indicate a relationship between involvement and GPA with student organization officers earning a significantly higher GPA then regular members of the organizations, and student organization members earning a significantly higher GPA than the general student population."

The how? Roughly, if you are involved in extracurricular activities you give your brain a break from study, study, study. In addition, since you are doing something other than studying 24/7, you learn time management skills. With the brain break, and probably light physical activity involved, your body is better able to channel productive energy into your study time.

Clemson professor finds positive effects from bringing physical activity to the desk: "June J. Pilcher, alumni distinguished professor in the Clemson University department of psychology, studied the cognitive effects of physical activity workstations and traditional desks on Clemson student volunteers. The results of the study, published in Frontiers in Psychology, suggest the inclusion of light physical activity during work or study has positive effects without detracting from work or study effectiveness."

If you are a parent of young children like me, a lot of these student organizations are kid-friendly, so bring them along. Go, take a study break and see what's happening, your brain and GPA will thank you for it!

The easiest way to enrich your life at Clemson is to raise your eyes just a little from your books and take in the scenery, something in your line-of-sight will get your attention, and trust me, you won't regret it!

Here are just a few things that I've checked off my Clemson University Bucket List:

The Blood Bowl

Hike Table Rock

Bagpipes outside ASC

The night song of the Reflection Pond

Get Painted at the Fall Festival

Random Acts of Napping

Have a class at the Amphitheater

Hang in a hammock at the Big Tree

Concerts at the Amphitheater

Habitat for Humanity Homecoming Build

Attend a class taught by "Shaggy"

Be an Ambassador

Class canceled for a snow day

Cocky's Funeral

The Palmetto Bowl

Tandem Pottys in Tillman

Get Involved - Witness Empowerment

Support Fundraisers for campus organizations

Witness strange happenings

Show up for class and write your full name on a piece of paper for a free 100% quiz grade


Home Football Game

Howard Rock


First Friday

Olin Hall, women's restroom creeper!

Water Sports on Lever Beach

Have a great story about how you literally ran into the QB

The Rally Cats

Lots of Tiger Swag

The Secret Book


The Legendary Clemson Squirrels

Gorgeous Views

Iconic Tillman at Night

Get your class ring

And last, but not least;


Don't forget The Tiger Walk


ACC Champions!

There are still a lot of things I want to experience before I graduate from Clemson. How much have you checked off of your Bucket List?

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