While you're laying down in your bed and both of your parents come into your room to say goodnight, please do not take that for granted. Yes, it is probably a normal part of your day, and you don't really think about it, but to me that would be a dream come true. Just to see both of my parents happy, and together would be worth more than any amount of money in the world. It would fill the emptiness that consumes me and patch the holes that have been burned within. Growing up I would always watch TV shows with characters whom were my age and lived in the same household with both of their parents. I always felt so strange, because that was something I never experienced. I grew up in the care of my mother, and saw my father every so often, and was and is still very hard for me to deal with.

There is nothing more difficult than to have to tell all of your friends whom have happily married parents that you can not hang out with them because it's a weekend you're supposed to spend at your dad's house. Or when there's a parent teacher conference night at school and your mother has to do it alone, because your dad is married to someone else and has other kids that live with him to worry about. Or when you go to a friend's house and you eat dinner with them and their parents as a family. These are the times when it truly sets in. I never have nor will I ever have parents who are together and can coexist in the same household together. Instead, I spend holidays trying to figure out if I will be able to make enough time for both parents. I spend my days wondering what it’s like to come home to a house with a mom and a dad. What it’s like to have my mom say "no" to going to a party, but then asking dad after because I know he would say "yes." What it’s like to watch two people be in love and figure out how to raise a child together.

So if your parents are happily married, cherish every single second you can. Realize just how lucky you are to have two people who not only love you, but love each other too, because that is such a special thing to have in your life. It's something that seems to be so foreign to me, and unfortunately that will never change.

So, do not take your parents love for granted, because someone like me would kill to have that in my life.