As the weather changes and the holidays approach, it is important to know ways to take care of yourself. Life can become stressful and it may be hard to flourish in the health sector of you life. It is important to take some time to focus on yourself because this is the only body you get so you have to take care of it. Here are some ways to do just that.

Vitamin C

While it may seem unnecessary, Vitamin C is vital to your health and should be taken everyday, especially in fall and winter seasons. It is much easier to get sick in the cooler seasons due to colder temperatures making it easier for sickness to spread. Vitamin C can help not only with building up the immune system but also with fighting symptoms. In summer people often get this essential vitamin through fruits and vegetables, however moving into fall and winter many of them aren't as readily available as they are no longer in season. Because of this , we must find other ways to get Vitamin C and in turn, stay healthy. Two good ways to do this is through packets of flavored powder to put in water and drink or to take supplements. Either way is a good way, just try to do it everyday and you'll thank yourself in the upcoming cold seasons.

Get a lot of sleep

Sylvie Tittel

So obvious, right? Wrong. Everyone knows they should be sleeping at night but with everything going on in life, people seem to forget. This is very important any time of the year but in winter especially, teens and adults should be getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night. Getting a good amount of sleep will provide energy, reduce stress, help the immune system, and provide many other benefits with things that a large number of people experience problems with in colder seasons. This is also a way to get rid of symptoms and make people feel better when sick. If you can't do anything else to stay healthy, at least get good sleep at night.

Layer up

For some reason females think they don't need a jacket, and males think their legs won't get cold when wearing shorts. I know, I know. Coats are so ugly and big, but they are designed to keep us warm which is important in winter so we can stay healthy. Scarves are a cute way to accessorize and help women stay warm, or even men for that matter. also layering clothes so that if it is hot inside somewhere, it becomes easy to take off an article of clothing and still be warm when going back outside. Layers can also provide a source of self expression!

Drink Water

Another obvious one, but we all forget about this from time to time with our busy schedules. Although it may seem more important during summer because of hot weather causing dehydration, it is just as important during the winter. Since it becomes colder out we create a hot environment for ourselves inside of buildings and with warm clothing, which can also create dehydration within our bodies. Drinking a lot of water can help us maintain homeostasis, and besides that it is vital for our organs.

Use essential oils

Jaron Whelan

Okay, I know some people don't believe in this one. I was honestly quite skeptical at first as well. However, I decided to start trying essential oils, not only during the cold seasons but all year round! Oils can be rubbed on your wrists, chest, or even feet to help with relief of stress and anxiety, energy, focus, sleep problems, or even to keeping you from getting sick. Another great way to implement essential oils into your life is through a diffuser. Just add a few drops of an oil with some water and your room will not only smell amazing, but benefit you in some way. It is especially beneficial to your health to use essential oils in colder seasons as you start feeling more tired or under the weather.


Not only does exercise help avoid gaining weight, but it also provides an abundance of other benefits. It isn't something that needs to happen every single day, but we should be doing this 3-4 times a week. While it may seem crazy, exercise actually gives us more energy and helps us sleep better at night. It is also a good way of staying warm whether you exercise inside or outside. This is also a great way to release stress or anxiety, as well as help with symptoms of seasonal depression. No matter how busy you get, it is important to find time for at least 30 minutes of exercise a few days each week.

Eat healthy

Dan Gold

This is always an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but in winter we experience more fatigue due to less light hours, cold temperatures, stress, etc. It is very important to eat food that makes us feel good, try not to eat too much carbs or sugar. I'm not saying to avoid them completely, just eat unhealthier foods in moderation. Maybe try to eat veggies or protein, foods that will provide you energy to get through the day instead of foods that will weigh you down and make you tired a few hours after eating them. Just remember it is totally okay to treat yourself, especially around the holidays!