Tips On Pulling An All NIghter To Study
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Tips On Pulling An All NIghter To Study

Studying: The act of keeping your textbook open while sitting and watching television.

Tips On Pulling An All NIghter To Study

The best tip I have for pulling an all nighter to study is DON'T... But if for some reason you waited until the night before an exam to study, then by all means follow this guideline to get it done right.

1. Gather your supplies and get ready for a rough night ahead

Supplies include what exactly you need to study with: laptop, textbooks, notes, looseleaf, and something to write with.

2. Gather any form of energy needed to survive the night

This means that you will have to make coffee, energy drinks, and energy packed granola bars your new best friends. Gather all of the energy and caffeine you can.

3. Dress for the occasion

This means an outfit not too comfortable where you will fall asleep, but one that is not too uncomfortable where you are itching to get out of. This means for you to not wear your silk pajamas with fluffy slippers, but also do not go as far to look like you are going to a club. You could wear something along the line of sweatpants with a t-shirt.

4. Control your emotions

Make sure you have tissues by your side and a meditation playlist on shuffle in case your limbic system takes you for an emotional ride.

5. Keep comfort food by your side

Whether you have to order a pizza at 3 am or you have packs of ramen noodles ready to be cooked, you need food to be near you when your hunger starts to kick in. Protein would be ideal because it is packed with energy.

6. Have a friend with you

All nighters should not be lonely. It's helpful to have a friend by your side at times like these.

7. Make sure you keep track of time

If you are stuck in your room with the shade down, you may not realize that the sun is rising. It would be wise to set an alarm just in case you fall asleep.

8. Stay focused

You are pulling an all nighter for a reason: to study. This means you cannot be checking facebook every ten minutes. Turn your phone on airplane mode and get to work.

9. Get some exercise and fresh air

Walk around your room in a few circles, maybe do a few sit ups, and open the windows to feel rejuvenated.

10. Know when to throw in the towel

When you can not focus and keep reading the same sentence over and over again, this means you are outta luck and should get some sleep before you mess up your circadian rhythm even more. You probably should not have tried to pull an all nighter in the first place, but when you procrastinate then you have to suffer the consequences.

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