I remember freshman year of college like it was yesterday. One of the things I remembered were the glorification of graduating. All I heard were stories about people taking these awesome trips to places they had never been to and mostly living life. Fast forward to 2018 and I realized that graduating is more than what people portray it to be.

1. Bills on bills on bills


Paying bills hurt like a you-know-what. I never realized how much bills I had until I graduated. Right now there is rent, monthly credit card payment, phone bill, and medications I have to take. I am not looking forward to extra bills once I get my car but that is life and there is no way you can ever get around paying bills

2. People you use to chill with..they gone


Believe it or not I felt more lonelier when I moved back to Charlotte. This even surprised me since Charlotte is where I spent most of my childhood and where I felt like I had the most friends. The hardest pill I had to swallow was that your friends you had before college will most likely not be your friends after college. This is part of life and you can either seclude yourself or go out and meet new people that may be more meaningful to your life.

3. Getting a job is as hard as finding a good partner


One thing I am thankful for is still having a part-time job. While I am working part-time I am also looking for a full-time job as a receptionist or administrative assistant. Due to me being a recent grad with little experience I honestly feel a bit overwhelmed because I know there are many applicants who have more experience than I have which means that I will see many rejection emails before I get an interview.

4. There are times you just want to give up


So funny story. I ran into my ex on a dating site called OKCupid and to make a long story short I tried to reconnect with him and wanted to be friends with benefits because I missed him and the relationship we had. This backfired on me when the last thing he told me was that he wished that he had never met me. this will have its own article but the point for this brief story is that on top of looking for a full-time job, paying bills, little to no friends, an ex who hates me was the icing on top of the cake. Because of everything going on I became so detached from everything including writing and came so close to quitting my job as a content creator on odyssey....yikes!

5. You live you learn


Every day you wake up is another day you get to learn something. I realized that life has many lessons that school cannot ever teach us. As long as we are living life will always provide a lesson, but it is our choice to be aware of what life is teaching us and to actually learn from it.

There will obviously be more things I will learn as time passes but in less than a month after graduation life has taught me more than what I had expected.