Five Tips For Nailing Your Internship
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Student Life

Five Tips For Nailing Your Internship

Making sure you stand out among the others

Five Tips For Nailing Your Internship
Carly Marmen

Internships can be a daunting thing: not only are they a chance to make a name for yourself but they can also lead to great opportunities in the future! I've have compiled a list of my top five tips for nailing your internship that will lead any girl to the path of success!

Stay organized.

As an intern, you may have a lot of responsibilities placed upon you. Whether it be the nitty gritty of taking care of an office or handling your boss’ everyday tasks, it is important to maintain a schedule and keep everything organized. Use a day planner, phone alerts, or even the occasional post-it note to keep yourself on track with all of your responsibilities. And don’t forget to keep your desk area neat and tidy- it may seem like a small detail but managers pay careful attention to how an employee takes care of her space and possessions.

Be punctual.

Along the same lines as staying organized, it is very important to be on time for everything. Your boss will be impressed when you arrive 5 minutes early for your interview and will note when you show up 5 minutes late. Timeliness shows that what you are doing matters to you, even if it means getting up a little earlier in the morning. By arriving on time you are not only ahead of the game, but you are also showing your boss that you respect and value the internship that you are taking part in.

Ask questions.

As an intern, no one expects you to be perfect, after all Rome wasn’t built in a day! The best way to learn your way around your chosen field while completing your internship is to ask questions. Some might be hesitant to pose questions during their internship because they think it might make them look naive or under-qualified, however, it is most often those who ask questions who really excel. Trust us, your boss will be more impressed with you asking questions and taking the incentive to do things the right way than he would be if you remained quiet and fumbled your way through the process.

Go the extra mile.

While you may already feel as though you are pushing yourself at your internship it never hurts to push yourself a little more. A future employer will pay more attention to an intern who gives 110% than to one who simply gives 100%. It’s also an opportunity to highlight aspects of your personality that separate you from other interns.

Dress to impress.

Tom Ford said, “Dressing well is a form of good manners,” and we couldn’t agree more! Even on the days when it’s easiest to show up with your hair thrown in a messy bun and an outfit that took minimal effort, your boss and colleagues will feel as though you respect and admire your work a whole lot more when you put in the effort to look nice. First things first, you want to make sure that you are dressing in a way that is appropriate for your particular work environment. Different internships require different things- the office you work at may even have a specific dress code! Be sure that whatever you wear you stay in the guidelines of your particular employer while still keeping it fashionable. After that it’s important to pick out a few key clothing staples that you can mix and match with throughout the week- that way it’ll make the morning scramble to put together the perfect outfit a little easier. In our opinion, you can never go wrong with black pumps and a red lip!

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