14 Things Every College-Age Female Should Have
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14 Things Every Girl Should Leave College With, Besides Her Diploma

A few tips to help you in the real world!

14 Things Every Girl Should Leave College With, Besides Her Diploma
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Your college years are a time of self-discovery. You're really finding out who you are, what you like, what you don't like, and how to take care of yourself, along with many other things. You may not know how to be the best version of yourself yet, but if you have these 14 things down, I guarantee that you're on the right path.

1. A killer interview outfit.

We've all had that outfit or item of clothing that just makes us feel our very best. Finding an outfit for interviews that makes you feel confident is a must. The confidence clothes can give you is just that extra boost you need to land your dream job.

2. Your signature lip color.


This follows the same principle as the interview outfit. Whether it's plain old chapstick or classic red lips, you should know what makes your smile SMILE the biggest.

3. A network of professional relationships.

Old bosses, professors, or intern site instructors are the perfect way to build a network of professional relationships. This could very well help you land your dream job!

4. Good manners. 


Being friendly and polite, speaking clearly, practicing patience, and being considerate to others is the new cool. Always remember this golden rule!

5. A self-care routine.

You may be a gym fanatic or you might prefer a good book. Either way, taking the time to decompress and recharge will help you mentally and physically. Take time for yourself!

6. A skincare routine.


Exfoliant, cleanser, peels, toners, creams, and serums - find what combo works best to make your skin glow and stick with it! You'll thank me later.

7. A water bottle.

Yup, start chugging that water ladies! Refill your bottle several times a day. Your skin will thank me for this one, too.

8. A hobby.


What do you like to do for fun? Read, hike, kayak, paint? Do it! Keep your mind and body active by doing something you actually enjoy.

9. A resume.

A resume can be pretty dry if you don't have a lot of real-life applicable work experience, like most soon-to-be college grads. That's why it's important to do extracurricular activities and to treat them seriously. Good recommendations from your volunteer leaders is always a great thing to have. Part-time jobs are also a good way to show your work ethic, even if it's not in your career field.

10. A healthy diet.


No, not like a weight loss diet, but instead of eating ramen or chicken nuggets for every meal you should treat your body to some fruits and veggies.

11. A planner/calendar.

Being late or missing an appointment entirely is a great way to cause anxiety and to make your self look bad. Keep up with your busy schedule by writing down ‘when and where’ in a planner or on a calendar! There are so many cute ones to choose from.

12. A multivitamin.


In case you haven't picked up on this yet, your health is important. Give your body a daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

13. An ever-expanding vocabulary.

Articulating your thoughts without using ‘like’ after every other word makes you sound exceedingly more intelligent.

14. A dream.


You don't have to have it all figured out yet but you should set goals for yourself. You should have an idea of how bright your future can be. Never stop dreaming and never stop working for that dream.

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