8 Tips For The Working College Student
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Student Life

8 Tips For The Working College Student

How to keep yourself sane when juggling a job and college.

8 Tips For The Working College Student

College is a hassle, between having to study and the endless exams, you have no real time for yourself. Whats even worse is that hefty tuition bill, and the always looming debt cloud that comes with it. Picking up a job is a solution but how does one manage their time with a job, exams, quizzes, studying, and finding time to de-stress? Not sleeping, and drinking endless amounts of coffee is one solution but these tips might work better (and you'll get your sleep too)...

1. Stay Positive and Focused

Kind of cliche, I know...but this is very important. You have to believe in yourself or things just don't work. If you have a positive mind set things will get done faster, and your stress levels won't be through the roof. You have to remind yourself how lucky you are to have the amazing opportunity to get an education, and don't let yourself give up.

2. Be Your Own Boss

Ultimately, you're in charge of how things go down. You need to set a balanced schedule for yourself, and let your employers know that school comes first...don't be afraid to make tough decisions with a pay off that could be amazing.

3. Keep a Calendar

This helps you visualize your obligations, and will help you keep things organized. You have to make sure you actually follow your set routine...don't push things off till last minute, that is how you lose sleep. There are many phone apps that are easy enough to use if you don't want to spend money on a calendar or dry erase board.

4. Support

Keeping a support group is very important. Whether its a close group of friends or even just a study group...knowing other people are going through the same thing as you helps with the mentality of it all. You aren't in this alone, your Professors are there for you too...utilize their office hours.

5. Learn Effective Multitasking tactics

Do you ride the bus to work or school? Do you have a lunch break at work? These are all opportune times to study for your courses! You can download PDF versions of your work on you phone so instead of browsing through Facebook you can study for that bio exam you have at the end of the week.

6. Take Time off ASAP

Your Professors hand you a syllabus for a reason...so you know what to expect. Use that to your advantage. If you know when you're going to have high stress periods..take a few days off. Especially during Midterm and Finals week.

7. Keep Yourself Healthy

There is nothing worse than having to go to work and class sick...and missing days makes you fall behind in your course load and financial situation. It's important you allow yourself to get sleep and to eat healthy to prevent getting sick. Stress and lack of sleep reduces performance, so it's important to keep your mind healthy too.

8. Learn to say "No" and be okay with it

Juggling school and work is hard enough, you don't need to add guilt on top of it. If your friends want you to join something with them but you know that you don't have time to, say no. They'll get over it and understand. Same with going out on weekends. Don't let yourself get too absorbed into everything though. Try to set aside certain times for yourself...even if its just a half an hour to get your hair and nails done.

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