Tinder Success Stories Are Real: People Share Their Tips And Tricks

Tinder Success Stories Are Real: 4 People Share Their Tips And Tricks

Tinder gets a bad rep, but here are some success stories at each step of the way.


There's a lot of talk about the current dating scene, how it is killing dating, hookup culture, lots of stuff really. And a lot of the blame gets put on dating apps, and the one that gets the most flack is Tinder.

I get it, there are a lot of shitty people on the app, there is no secret about that. But are you actually able to find cool people on there? Whether or not you want to or actually date them?

I talked to four individuals who wanted to remain anonymous who have had success on Tinder, and asked them four questions.

1. How long have you been dating/talking to or whatever your current situation is with your person?

Respondent 1: "Two and a half years of dating, and we 'talked' for about two months before that."

Respondent 2: "We've been talking I think for nearly a week."

Respondent 3: "Dating four months, talking for a month before."

Respondent 4: "We've been talking for three months and actually dating for two of those."

2. What is your biggest tip for using Tinder the most effectively?

R1: "Allow for yourself to swipe right on people you normally wouldn't swipe right for, and put yourself out there. You'll definitely have to go through your own slew of sh*tty people but once in a while, you'll find a cool guy that you'll want to actually hang out with. Sometimes it goes into more, sometimes it doesn't amount to anything, but it's just a cool experience. You have to just be fearless."

R2: "I think just decide right away what you're going to use it for. If you're looking for hookups, that's fine, but if you match with a guy, don't be afraid to say off the bat what you want: relationship, sex, friendship, etc. And if they unmatch, it might feel kind of embarrassing, but you're better off."

R3: "Don't be f*cking boring, show personality, give people a chance."

R4: "Well, it definitely took a lot of sh*tty guys to get to a good one, but I think a big thing is having a realistic outlook on how it will turn out. I guess that means don't push things super fast because people get overwhelmed, but also recognize when a guy who seems like a funny douchebag is probably just a douchebag and not worth your time. I also think it's important to be clear and honest about who you are and what you want. It eliminates many unnecessary matches."

3. What is your best tip on sorting out sh*tty people when you start getting to know them?

R1: "Listen to your friends. One of the guys I matched with and kind of had a thing with is now getting suspended for rape and apparently has raped a number of women, and my friends told me that he was weird but I didn't really listen to them. Also trust yourself, if your gut is telling you that either your friends are right or that something that the person did made you uncomfortable, don't let them continue on thinking that everything is fine between you. Stick up for yourself."

R2: "Just like the way Tinder forces you to be superficial by swiping based on looks, you have to be equally as selective when you start talking to them. The moment they say something that's mildly a red flag, just unmatch... you're in college where you're surrounded by tons of people, so there's no point in forcing yourself to 'make it work' off the bat when there's someone out there who's probably much more compatible with you."

R3: "If they give red flags, drop them right away."

R4: "If you get a bad vibe, you're probably right about it. Most sh*tty people aren't hard to find, they're just charming so they're hard to ignore."

4. What is the best pick-up line/meme/funny story that you have had while on Tinder?

R1: "Thanks to Tinder, I have had the pleasure of making someone not believe in finding love in college anymore, was told that I had 'the most perfect p*ssy humanly possible,' was told that I was a positive impact on someone's life and made them able to start their next relationship (even though I'm now pretty sure that he cheated on that girlfriend with me — or at least tried to), and made someone believe in love. None of these are from my boyfriend either, which makes it that much more of a wild ride."

R2: "I've been learning about important dates in history. Wanna be one?"

R3: "Call me da Vinci because I'll make you moan, Alyssa."

R4: "I guess a funny but kind of sad story is that there is this one guy that messages me at least once a month but I've never replied because it's always something crude. So he's sent like at least 15 messages with no reply. After the third message with no response, give it a break, she's not gonna reply! (It makes great content for my Finsta, though)."

Overall, the takeaway here is that there are a lot of sh*tty people on Tinder and dating is hard, no matter what year or time. But if you are smart about it, then you can make some really great relationships, romantic or otherwise!

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Not Being Attracted To Another Race Doesn't (Necessarily) Make You Racist

And on the flip-side, being more attracted to one race doesn't (necessarily) mean you're fetishizing them.


From the get-go I want you to know that I acknowledge that this is an unpopular opinion, but it is a strong one of mine that I would like to voice. Please don't get offended if my opinions differ from yours, that's life, deal with it!

I'm sure you've noticed, either within yourself, someone close to you, or someone not so close to you but who you pay attention to their love life anyway for whatever reason, that they tend to date certain types of people. And no, I'm not talking about the idea of having a "type," which I tend to disagree with fundamentally because if you lined up all my exes I don't think they would look similar enough to support the idea. I'm actually talking about race here.

For example, I tend to date white people, but I have dated people of other races, and I will probably continue to as well. I just tend to be more attracted to people who fit my racial category than anyone else, and that's okay. I'm not averse to dating people of other races, I just haven't found myself attracted to people who fit those racial categories. In these cases, I'm not dating that specific person because I am not attracted to that specific person, not because I'm not attracted to people of their race.

Where this kind of situation becomes not okay and does turn into racism is when someone is attracted to someone of a certain race but specifically won't date them because of it. I knew a couple of people like this in high school and in college and whether they realized it or not, they were being blatantly racist for no apparent reason. Hence, I have inserted the keyword "necessarily" into the title of this article. Does it make sense now?

How about on the flip-side. If someone tends to only date one race or is mostly attracted to people of a single race, it doesn't mean they're racist in that respect either. They may be in the same boat as the first side. Anyway, in some situations, people do fetishize a certain race or fetishize being with someone of that race, especially if it differs from their own. Seeing as there seems to be a fetish for everything nowadays, we shouldn't be surprised necessarily, but that also doesn't excuse it from being racist.

Another important factor in these ideas is who you are exposed to most. If you are a white person in a majorly white neighborhood or state or whatever size area and you stay in that general area for most of your life, you're more likely to end up being attracted to, dating, and probably marrying someone of your same race just because those are the people you interact with. No racism needs to exist for the outcome to be the same.

We need to learn to separate a person from his or her race. Race does not define a person unless they want it to. But a person's race isn't the only thing someone else will be attracted to. Get it out of your heads that it is.

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If You Catfish Your Boyfriend To 'Test' If He'll Cheat, The Problem In Your Relationship Is YOU

News Flash: this is why (when you aren't together anymore) he says you are crazy.


Being in a relationship is not an easy feat. There are many things that are important to have a successful relationship. Trust, honesty, and loyalty are just a few to mention.

A few days ago I was scrolling through Facebook (does this show my age? oof) and came across a video: "CATFISHING my Boyfriend to see if he cheats.. (you won't believe this)" obviously I clicked on it because I was curious. The girl in the video talks about this 'prank' she's going to play on her boyfriend.

First wrong: This is not a prank.

She explains how she has made a fake Instagram account; She made posts using another girl's pictures, followed a bunch of people and then followed her boyfriend.

Second wrong: Using someone else's identity.

She then messaged her boyfriend using this fake Instagram account trying to persuade him into Netflix and chilling. When he replied saying she was cute she started to cry... It went on and on but basically, he ended up proving to her that he would not do that to her.

I'm sorry, WHAT?

OK, let's be real for a second. If you have any need to do this, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG. Trust, honesty, and loyalty are some of the most important things in a relationship... having the need to do this literally just shows that those three things do not exist. But for the sake of it, say you do it.

Only two things can happen...

Scenario one: He cheats (plans to cheat).

If this happens, it probably just proves something that you knew deep down and just didn't want to admit it. So you break up with him. Well, the other girl still exists, but he's going to find out it is you because she does not actually exist. So then you are the one to blame in his eyes because he "would have never done it", he "just thought it was you" and was "testing you". Either way, your relationship is over and has more issues than you already thought.

Scenario two: He does not cheat.

Congrats!!! He's not a cheater. BUT you have issues. You obviously have no trust and do not respect him enough to ask. You also are not being honest in the least bit because are you going to tell him? He will think you are crazy if you tell him. In addition to those issues, you have no sense of loyalty and must have had a reason to test his loyalty... you got a hill to climb.

Either way, you do not look that great and just make the "DUDE, SHE'S CRAZY" actually true. But you know, to each their own.

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