Why Tim Tebow Is My Soulmate

Why Tim Tebow Is My Soulmate

He's known as a quarterback, an outfielder, a speaker, an author, an announcer. . . but I know him as my soulmate.

Some know him as the quarterback, the outfielder, and the SEC announcer. Others know him as the faith speaker, the Christian, and the author. I know him as my soulmate.

He was born to missionary parents in the Philippines, grew up in a faith-based home, had 4 siblings (which means we'll have lively holidays), and continues to live his life with all glory to God.

While home-schooled, he played football for a local high school in Jacksonville, Fl. Afterwards, he went on to play for college and the NFL. He became an inspirational speaker, a SEC announcer, and now a minor league outfielder.

He was most known for "Tebowing", a term coined when he knelt on one knee in the end zone. . . not in protest to the American flag or the National Anthem, but in prayer to God.

Each year, he holds a nationwide prom called Night to Shine for those with special needs to celebrate. He travels and shares his faith.

His football or baseball statistics aren't why I love him. He's selfless, down-to-earth, faithful, talented, and oh my gosh, he is beautiful. His eyes. His smile. His shoulders. His chest.

What is there not to love about him? Yeah, he looks good shirtless but DANG, he looks good with tight shirts on, too.

One thing I would love to thank our Creator for is Tim Tebow in baseball pants. And his green eyes. And his face. And his arms. And just him, a good-looking being in general.

He lends a helping hand wherever he goes. He ministers to those in other countries. He's charitable. He's driven.

He's from Florida so our holidays will be spent on a Florida beach.

Our babies will be beautiful. And baby, we can adopt as many kids from whatever countries you want.

My mother and grandmother will be proud.

But first I have to meet him.

He's only 30 years old.

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30 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

Things a best male friend would tell you.

1. The sexy, crazy fun girl doesn’t always win the guy.
Yes, we are attracted to the fun party girls that never settle down, but at the end of the day, we can’t bring those girls home to meet our moms. Every guy is looking for the sweet, beautiful and down-to-earth girl that makes us laugh, keeps us grounded and believes in us. We want a girl that we can talk to about more than just how many shots we can take before we blackout. Guys want to date a Megan Fox and marry an Emma Watson.

2. Men are not mind readers.

3. Sunday sports are like the sun rising in the East and setting in the West. It's a fact of life, and you've just got to let it be.

4. When a game is on, please only talk during commercials.

5. Christopher Columbus did NOT need directions, so neither do we.

6. Ask for what you want.
Let me be really clear about this one. Whether the hint is subtle or obvious, we're probably not going to get what you're trying to say. So, just tell us what you want.

7. Anything said a week ago becomes null and void and cannot be brought up in an argument again.

8. You can either ask us to do something or tell us how to do it. Not both.

9. We only see about 16 colors.
For example, the term "peach" is a fruit, not a color.

10. If we ask what’s wrong, and you reply, "Nothing," we will act as if nothing is wrong.
We probably know that you’re lying, but it’s not worth the fight.

11. You have enough of my fraternity shirts.
Don’t keep asking for more, and don’t just take them. You have to earn them.

12. Stop telling me to make you my #WCW.
Everyone gets annoyed with the couples that make each other their #MCM or #WCW every week; we will not be that couple.

13. It’s not attractive to hear you talk bad about other girls.
I know you don’t like one of your sisters because she stole your Big-Little shirt idea, but keep that talk for your sisters, not us.

14. Being smart is very attractive.
We want a girl that can read a book and carry on a good conversation.

15. Allow me to open the door for you.
Don’t let chivalry die. I know you’re 100 percent capable of opening the door yourself, but see it as a nice gesture. It’s something our dad taught us to do.

16. I’m going to try and fix your problems.
Don’t vent to me if you don’t want me to try and fix what’s going on. That’s what guys do.

17. Don’t take my fries.
I’m a growing man, and I need my food but will gladly take whatever you don’t eat.

18. Don’t be dramatic.
Guys don’t like girls that are crazy about drama, plain and simple. If you enjoy the attention that getting jealous gets you, you will not get my attention.

19. Don’t say you miss me after an hour or a day.
That’s when you begin to edge into the "clingy" zone.

20. It’s okay to compliment us.
We like when you tell us we look good. We will just never say that out loud.

21. But don’t call us "pretty" or "beautiful."
This is not "Twilight," we do not sparkle, and we are not "pretty".

22. “I’m not looking for a relationship” can sometimes be directly translated to "You’re great, but we’re just not ready to be tied down quite yet."

23. We’re all on that college budget.
So know that we would like to give you the world, but can only afford the dollar menu sometimes.

24. If my friends don’t approve of you, then odds are we won't be able to date.
The same sentiment goes for my family.

25. I will smile, but not 100 times.
I’ll take pictures because you want to, but if I’m being honest, you’re going to look just as good in the first one as you will in 100th one you force someone to take.

26. We don’t always have to be doing something.
We can enjoy Netflix and a large pizza.

27. You have too many shoes.

28. You have enough clothes.

29. Don't ask a question that you don't want an answer to.

30. We are in shape. Round IS a shape.

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Yes, I've Been Single My Whole Life But I still Don't Need any of these 20 reasons to download Tinder

Newsflash: I'm not going to make one.


Yes, I am a single college student. Yes, I might want to experience a relationship. And no, I will not use Tinder as a solution. I'm not judging or belittling anybody who uses (or used) dating apps— some people have found successful relationships and a major kudos to them.

However, I sometimes feel as though people judge me for NOT using Tinder and approaching relationships the hard way. I am single, but I will never use Tinder because I personally don't believe I can find a successful relationship with an app. When people tell me to get one and I ask them why; I get these same 20 reasons that will NEVER convince me to make a profile of my own.

1. "You meet so many people!"

The average person knows 600 different people. If looking at people on a screen is the new definition of "meeting people," I can say I know probably 100 times that.

2. "It's funny."

Don't get me wrong, I love laughing! Having said that, there are many ways I can laugh and looking at people's profiles on a dating app does not have to be one of them.

3. "But you're single."

I'm glad you made that observation, but has anyone heard of meeting people...in person...when the time is right?

4. "You can use it just for fun!"

I get very distracted spying on people on Instagram, Snapchat, and occasionally Facebook, so using a dating app "just for fun" will certainly become yet another distraction.

5. "Everyone has one."

If I don't have one, not everyone has one. And if everyone was doing something life-threatening, does that mean I should do it too?

6. "It'll help you talk to people."

Part of the problem is that getting messages from strangers isn't actually "talking to people." It's very easy to "talk" to random people behind a screen.

7. "Relationships are made so much easier."

Yes, they probably are but I'm a staunch believer that anything worthwhile isn't easy.

8. "How else will you know what boys are around?"

I don't know, maybe by actually encountering them. Maybe I'll see some boys only by swiping left and right, but it's not like I'm living under a rock if I don't have a Tinder.

9. "But look at this cute guy!"

Oh, and cute guys are impossible to find anywhere else. I find that hard to believe.

10. "You can find out if someone likes you."

I wouldn't say somebody "likes me" if he makes a hasty decision to swipe right because of a few pictures of me.

11. "[Insert name of a boy I like] has one!"

Just because he made the choice to make one doesn't mean that I will. I'd rather be matched with him in the real world, not a virtual one.

12. "Aren't you desperate, though?"

I can't approach my dating life as though I'm desperate. If you're suggesting Tinder is for desperate people, I definitely will not use it.

13. "You get messages from so many guys!"

A sexual message or a corny pick-up line from a guy I don't know is not appealing to me. Sorry.

14. "Give it a chance."

If I said, "give it a chance" to different risky behaviors, would you still try them? "Give it a chance" is not a reason to do something, I'm sorry.

15. "Tinder is our generation's way of finding relationships."

Well, not for everybody. People who actually like to get to know potential soulmates in person are not extinct. I'm still here!

16. "You'll learn your preferences in men."

I don't think it's an incredible feat that I already know my preferences in men from observing them in the real world without the aid of a dating app.

17. "But you're too shy to find guys in the real world."

Gee, thanks. I appreciate the compliment.

18. "Aren't you interested in who you're matched with?"

Not really. Sorry.

19. "Just make your profile a joke."

Is there any point in that?

20. "I met my boyfriend on Tinder!"

Good for you. We all meet people in different ways, but I'm going to choose to meet mine differently.

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