THROW IT OUT: Material Baggage.

Our generation has begun a theme of constant relationships. At a point in a young person's life they feel pressured to find a boyfriend or girlfriend and begin "dating". Honestly, I believe that it is starting way too early, but because of it we are having more and more relationships in our lifetime.

Each of these relationships come with baggage.

You get mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and sometimes material baggage.

The others you may not be able to just throw out, but material baggage can be ditched very quickly.

When I say material I mean things like gifts, clothing, and notes.

These things become toxic if held on to, because they fuel other baggage.

People, especially girls, tend to hold on to material things that remind them of the past. This is especially true if those memories that are drawn up are pleasant. But, having those material things around is just worse in the end.

Those things prevent closure. When there is no closure you cannot move on to bigger and better things. No closure on a failed relationship can hinder you from forming a good, healthy relationship. So, look around and throw out anything from your last relationship. It's over and you should be able to throw out that baggage.

Here are some things that typically are kept after a relationship is over:

1. Jewelry

2. Notes and Cards

3. Stuffed Animals

4. Pictures


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