Now that my life has settled into a regular schedule, I've wanted to get into some healthy habits. One of them is committing myself to regular exercise. I saw a flyer on Facebook for Zumba and Pound classes in my area. My friend and I decided to try it out, in the name of getting fit. For me, it was my first time doing both Zumba and Pound. Though I didn't know much about these popular exercise routines, I definitely do now. Before, during, and after the class, I had a lot of thoughts about it. Here are just a few of them.

1. Is it necessary to do some stretching first?

2. I thought these were called “drumsticks” not “ripsticks”

3. I hope the ripsticks don’t fall out of my sweaty hands during the routine 

4. I feel like a drummer of a rock band, getting the crowd pepped up for the show 

5. It seems that a necessary part of Pound is the ability to find the beat in the music 

6. Wow, you’ve got to bend down really far to hit the ripsticks on the floor 

7. I hope I don’t hurt someone swinging these sticks all around 

8. Okay, Pound is actually really fun 

9. Zumba is probably the most popular exercise routine ever 

10. Woah, this got fast quick 

11. How do you move your feet like that?

12. I really can’t keep up with this 

13. Zumba is "Just Dance" on steroids 

14. Dancing is such a good time, and such a great form of exercise 

15. Zumba just doesn’t give you a break, does it?

16. Sweat is literally dripping off my face 

17. Finally, a break!

18. I really should have stretched my legs before class 

19. My thighs hurt so bad, I don’t know how I’m going to walk out of here