1. Why do I have so much stuff?

For some reason it is so easy to overpack. You think about everything you need and the list just keeps getting longer.

2. How is this going to fit into my car?

I have no idea how all of this is going to get to college, but I'll make it work. I will fill my car up to the roof if I have to.

3. Maybe I can leave some clothes.

We all think that we can part with some clothes, but what if we need them. It is necessary to have an outfit for every possibility even if it probably won't happen. But then again, I could need an outfit for a super elegant tea party.

4. Is this going to fit into my room at school?

If it barely fits in my car, how will it fit in my dorm?

5. How did I do this last year?

Maybe I had less stuff last time, or I was just really good at packing. Either way I have no idea how I did it.

6. Summer just started, how is it almost over?

I'm pretty sure summer break started like two weeks ago and now you're telling me I have to go back. Something doesn't seem right.

7. Maybe I can just drop out of school so I won't have to pack.

If I drop out then I won't have to sit here and try to pack my life into suitcases and boxes.

8. But I really want to see my friends.

If I do go back then I get to see my friends. I guess I can get through this packing then.

9. Oh, but what about all the school work I'm going to have to do?

Although I do get to see my friends, school work will be the death of me. I definitely do NOT want to go back to that.

10. OK that's it, I'll just drop out.

Fine it's decided. I can't pack anymore and I don't want to go to classes. At least I've found a solution.

11. I can't do that I've come this far.

But I only have two more years. I'm like halfway there. I guess I can try and stick it out just a little bit longer. Packing can't be that bad.

12. I'll finish packing and everything will be OK.

Alright I'll just finish packing and then I can relax and think about all the fun things about going back to school.

13. I'm finally done and there's no way I'm doing it again.

I don't know how it happened, but I'm finally done. Life is good. I made it through.

14. Now I can enjoy going back to school.

Time to go back to school and be on my own. I guess packing wasn't THAT bad.