If you know me, you know that I am the queen of overpacking. Anybody who has ever traveled with me can stand by me on this one. I mean honestly, the last cruise I went on I packed 17 pairs of shoes.

This past week I was packing for another trip, and I realized that I have a tendency to go through the same cycle every single time.

So, this is for you overpackers, like myself. The 12 stages that you are bound to experience, even if you try to avoid them:

1. I'm so excited for this trip, I think I'll pack two weeks early!

2. *Two weeks later* Oh my gosh, my trip is tomorrow, where did the time go? Better start packing!


3. Where do I even begin?

4. Shoes! Start with shoes! *Throws 14 pairs into a duffel bag for a four-day trip* Let me add one more pair, just for good measure!

5. Now the hard part: clothes. What if it's hot? What if it's cold? What if I randomly become famous on this trip and need to make an appearance? I guess I should pack some of everything!


6. I haven't worn this shirt in two years, but for some reason I feel like I'll need it this trip! I'll take it!

7. *Trying on clothes* SO MANY OUTFIT OPTIONS! Better take them all.


8. OK, what am I even doing at this point?

9. *Has mental break down, calls friend* Packing is so hard! I can't do this anymore! I don't know what to bring. I want my mom.


10. *Random motivation* OK, I can do this. I have to do this. I've got this.

11. *For four-day trip* Looks like I have 15 pairs of shoes, 9 skirts, 7 jeans, 10 jackets, 16 shirts, 12 dresses, 6 scarves and 3 hats!

I'm all set!