25 Thoughts Every Young Adult Has When They Move Out
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25 Thoughts Every Young Adult Has When They Move Out

Moving out is tough, and sometimes all I want to do is call my mom and cry.

25 Thoughts Every Young Adult Has When They Move Out

Being four and a half hours from home is challenging all on its own, but couple that with all of the stresses that come along with adulting and you're in for a ride. There are many things that I wish I knew before I stretched my wings and took my first trembling baby steps. I'm sure if you're like me, these thoughts have popped up in your mind.

1. I never realized I had so much stuff

Downsize and only take the essentials, trust me.

2. And I have to carry all this heavy stuff by myself?

Yes you do, good luck climbing stairs with that shelving unit.

3. *Googles how to make a grilled cheese*

It's okay, I still don't know how to cook for myself either.

4. How often do I need to sweep?

There's grit on the floor, but is it a reasonable amount of grit? Or am I just a slob?

5. If I just buy disposable plates and forks, I'll never have to do dishes!

Not only is that bad for the environment, you'll also sink more money than you realize into buying disposable plates and forks.

6. Groceries are expensive.

Healthy food isn't cheap, and cheap food isn't healthy.

7. I spend HOW MUCH a month?

Rent, WiFi, utilities, gas, food. It adds up very quickly.

8. Can I afford this?

*Checks mobile banking account frantically*

9. This is going to be so much FUN! I can't wait to be on my own.

10. This is NOT FUN. I hate living on my own!

11. I want my mom. I'm scared.

I call my mom with all kids of adulting questions, and I'm pretty sure that will never stop.

12. Do I have credit?

13. How do I get credit?

14. Can my mom give me some of her credit?

15. Is this what being an adult is? Constantly being poor?

From what I have learned so far, yes. That's exactly what it's like.

16. I'm scared

It is absolutely okay to be scared because there's no comfort in growth. Growing up is uncomfortable, and you will be unsure. You've got this.

17. I miss having someone help me with cleaning the house

With great apartment life comes great house cleaning.

18. When do I get paid again?

Living in wait of pay day is far from ideal, but it is the reality when you first move out.

19. Can't I just move back home?

Nope, you've signed your lease.

20. Oh, my tooth hurts, too bad I can't afford to go to the dentist. 

Welp, good luck with keeping up with your physical health as well as your finances, job, school, social life, mental health, community involvement, studying, etc.

21. How does fabric softener work?

Me: Calls mom

22. Why is my pantry only full of crackers and peanut butter?

Because all you can afford is crackers and peanut butter.

23. I'm not ready to be an adult!

Are any of us ready?

24. I'll unpack that later

You will not unpack it for months if ever. You'll probably move out with that same box still unpacked

25. Why did I think this was going to be easy?

It always seems impossible until it is done. Keep trying!

26. *Calls mom again just to talk about something random because I miss her.*

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