Thoughts Everyone Has During Syllabus Week

Syllabus Week, or should I say "Sylly Week," is upon us here at Arizona State and several other universities across the country. What an exciting time to be a college student. It's a new year, with new classes, and for one week, college seems effortless. Let's be honest, no actual work gets done during syllabus week aside from reading the syllabus. Nothing is better than a quick trip to class to hear your professor read over the rules and then unparalleled freedom to do whatever you want.

Here are the thoughts we all have during the excitement of syllabus week.

"I'm back baby!"

"My life will be organized this year!"

"Where is my class?"

"Did I look like a baby when I was a freshman?"

"I hope I have one friend in this class."

"Where am I going to get an outfit for that themed party?"

"Why is this syllabus longer than any paper I have ever written?"

"Did the kid next to me bathe in beer last night?"

"Please don't call on me."

"Did you really just give us an assignment on the first day of class?"

"Who is that babe up there in the corner?"

"Why did I go out last night, and why is this class so early?"

"Do I have to buy that textbook?

"SOS I need food!"

"This class might be some form of hell."

"Is it wrong that I'm about to go out for the fourth time this week?"

"Sylly Week is already over?"

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