12 Thoughts I Had During My First Soul Cycle Class

12 Thoughts I Had During My First Soul Cycle Class

I seriously questioned whether or not I just joined a cult.

I recently went to my first Soul Cycle class and yes, it was definitely an experience. I had never taken a spin class before so it was a completely unexpected experience. 10/10 would recommend. Here are my 12 thoughts for my first spin class!

1. Is everyone else really nervous or is this just a “me” thing

2. Is Soul Cycle a cult I just joined without even knowing?

3. Wait, this isn’t even that hard

4. Wait, just kidding

5. My legs are moving so fast

6. And now we are moving our bodies

7. Did my shoe slip? Am I going to die?

8. Adds resistance…dies

9. Why can’t I breathe?

10. Is everyone sweating this much?

11. Is it over? It has only been like 5 minutes?

12. I did it!

Cover Image Credit: @soulcycle on Instagram

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Can The Birds Pull Off A Super Bowl Repeat?

The Philadelphia Eagles chances of winning back to back Super Bowls.

The Super Bowl was over two months ago. However, being as that I am constantly surrounded by Philadelphia Eagles' fans, it feels a lot more like yesterday. They love to remind you, they LOVE to talk about it-- if they could scream it from the mountaintops, they quite literally would.

If there is one thing Eagles' fans love more than telling you how much your team sucks, it's telling you how amazingly fantastic their team is. Birds fans everywhere have been riding the high of their first ever Super Bowl win through the whole offseason. And I swear, if I have to watch one more Philadelphia Eagles hype video with Jason Kelce's speech dubbed over it I might just lose it. This upcoming NFL season can't come soon enough, but one major question remains, can the Eagles pull off a repeat?

The NFL draft is set for April 26th, about a week from today, and from there it's straight into work out programs and training camps. The NFL regular season doesn't kick off until September 6th, but many teams have already made tremendous strides this offseason that could potentially make them 2019 Super Bowl contenders.

Some teams on the rise include the San Fransisco 49ers, the Houston Texans, and the LA Rams. Any of these teams could give Carson Wentz and the Eagles a run for their money next season. Some other juggernauts the Eagles will have to fend off this season include the Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Stealers, Seattle Seahawks, and New Orleans Saints.

At the end of the day, the Eagles success is primarily determined by one man, the man behind center, Carson Wentz. Now as a diehard Jets fan it's hard to admit, but Carson Wentz is an amazing franchise quarterback. He's the type of quarterback the Jets have been desperately searching for since, well quite frankly, Joe Namath. Carson had an MVP season last year until his unfortunate injury, but both Carson and Nick Foles, as well as the rest of the Eagles Organization, know that Carson is their future.

So can he get back to his MVP form? Can he build off the success from last season and improve? Of course he can, he's a professional, and one of the best at that. But there are a lot of teams with young quarterbacks looking to make a big splash. And after the draft next week, there will be that much more.

Now we can't forget the Eagles have a potential all-star running back in Jay Ajayi, a solid receiving corps, offensive line, and defense. They have all the parts for a Super Bowl repeat, the main question now is what players can stay healthy for the duration of the season? Assuming all players remain healthy for the entirety, which is close to impossible, I'd rank the Eagles as the 4th most likely team to win the Super Bowl. Obviously, this is premature speculation, but as of right now I would rank the possible Super Bowl LIII contenders in order as such: Minnesota Vikings, LA Rams, New Orleans Saints, and in the fourth spot, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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The Pelicans Continue To Defy Odds In First Round Sweep

Stars Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday combined for 88 points.

First of all -- who would've thought?

The New Orleans Pelicans shockingly swept the Portland Trail Blazers 4-0 in the first round of the 2018 playoffs. I think it's safe to say that no one really saw this coming.

A lot of basketball fans questioned the Pelicans' potential to even compete in the playoffs after star DeMarcus Cousins suffered a season-ending injury--myself included.

And this isn't to say that they necessarily sucked, it was more because they never really showed up as a team; it was really always the dynamic duo of Anthony Davis and Boogie Cousins who combined an insane amount of points, but even then, they'd still end up losing.

In fact, even ESPN.com analysts heavily doubted New Orleans' capabilities per NBA.com:

New Orleans Pelicans players have heard this before, at every stage of the 2017-18 season: They’re not going to make the playoffs, a prediction by many NBA analysts in September. They have no chance to survive the Western Conference postseason race without four-time All-Star DeMarcus Cousins, sidelined by a season-ending injury in January. OK, so they claimed a coveted postseason berth, but they’re a lock to lose an April first-round series to Portland, right?


Wrong again.

All 22 ESPN.com analysts predicted that the Trail Blazers would eliminate the Pelicans in Round 1; New Orleans instead dominated, sweeping the series 4-0.

Veteran point guard Rajon Rondo dictated the floor for the Pelicans as he averaged 11 points and 13 assists. In Game 4, Rondo racked up 16 assists with just seven points.

Meanwhile, Holiday scored 41 points in the final game of the series and AD had 47.

Just let that sink in.

Whoever, the Pelicans end up going against in the second round, you can bet that there's no backing down now.

Cover Image Credit: MLG Highlights on Youtube

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