Thoughts Of An Upperclassmen Transfer
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Student Life

Thoughts Of An Upperclassmen Transfer

No, I am not a freshman.

Thoughts Of An Upperclassmen Transfer
Lindsey Ellen Kehres

If you, like myself, find yourself as a transfer student after spending 2+ years at a different university, there are several daily occurrences and dilemmas that I wouldn't have originally anticipated.

To begin,Dorms. The bane of our existence. The epitome of 'the freshman experience'. You thought you had forever escaped said houses of confinement after your first year of college; yet here we are again. If your situation is anything like my own, not only am I back in the dorms but I also share a room with another person as well as getting to partake in the joy of communal bathrooms. As I didn't know anyone ahead of time, my roommate selection was random. Thankfully, she is perfect so I lucked out.

*Do your research and partake in random roommate selection at your own risk*

But hey, besides the complete and utter lack of privacy and the fact the you feel 18 all over again, being back in the dorms means you can roll your lazy butt to your 8 A.M. with ease. It also means you don't have to fight with your roommate over whose turn it is to clean the bathroom or buy toilet paper.

Speaking of 8 A.M.s, let's talk about Classes.

As a transfer, you most likely got stuck with the bottom-of-the-barrel time slots. Therefore, you have to drag your junior/senior self out of bed every morning before 10 A.M. (doing the very thing you swore you would never do as an upperclassmen).

It is also very possible that you are required to re-take courses that you have already taken because your new school doesn't deem your prior courses sufficient. Let me tell you, I'm a little more than salty about having to take Writing and Reporting for the 3rd time. It is also quite the task trying to receive proper credit for your previous classes. I'm pretty sure it's easier to be an Olympic gymnast than it is to get all your classes to transfer.


No, I am not a freshman. No, I do not look like a freshman. No, I do not want that guidebook on 'how to survive my first semester in college'. Yes, I might be a little "directionally-challenged" in this new, grand university, but I've had this whole 'living away from home' thing down for a while now. They might as well make signs for transfer students reading 'NOT A FRESHMAN' just to clear up any potential confusion.

On that note, I am of legal age now. So it is perfectly acceptable for me to have alcohol in my dorm. Take that first-years.

Greek Life

It's different at every school. There are new organizations you are not familiar with and familiar organizations where you know no one. It may even be the case (as it is for me) where your sorority/ fraternity does not have a chapter at your new school. Trust me when I say that it is a very weird feeling to no longer be interconnected within the Greek community.

Dining Hall Food

Ah, my old friend. We meet again. Junior 15 anyone?

*Food edibility and consistency varies at each university*

New Slang

What was the RAC is now the SRC. It was harder than anticipated to ditch my previous school's slang and adapt to my currents'. Buildings, dorms, dining halls, and mascots are all different. And that is just the beginning of it. Transferring does not mean you have to sever ties and fond feeling with your old university, but it does mean that you need to become familiar with where you are. That means that it is essential to take the fact that your new school deserves your allegiance as well.

You are not at your old university anymore. No one will understand you with those old acronyms. Adapt or die. Okay maybe it's not that serious, but still.

Despite the challenges that come with transferring, expanding your community and network comes with many joys and advantages. If you do not feel completely at home at your current university, or if you decide to switch somewhere with a better program within your major, go for it. University is only 4/5/6 years. Make the most of them and travel to wherever you feel you can create a home.

Eagle Nation.

Go Tar Heels.

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