15 Thoughts Every Girl Who Seldom Goes To The Gym Thinks When She Does Actually Go

I go to the gym sometimes by myself but most of the time I only go when my boyfriend wants me to go with him. I mean I like working out and how it makes my body feel. What I don't like is the anxiety and nervousness that comes with me going by myself. I feel like I don't belong at the gym because I can't run for 20 minutes and I most definitely can't lift 100lbs.

I feel like I'm out of place and I have to hype myself up just to get myself to go. I also wake up at 6 am just so I can go before the gym gets too crowded. If you relate to any of this, then these ten thoughts you may relate with.

1. Act normal when they swipe your card, don't be nervous.


I have been there before and I know my card works so I shouldn't be nervous.

2. Okay, I just need to find a locker to put my stuff in now.


I think I spend more time looking for a good locker than working out...I'm just kidding. The most important part of the process is putting my stuff in a locker that I can see or getting a lock for it.

3.  Just walk to the machine like you know what you are doing and be confident.


I know that I know how to use the machines that I use so I just need to remember that.

4. What do I do now since most of these Treadmills don't work and the rest are taken?


I'm silently freaking out because I was planning to use the treadmill, but most of the treadmills are freaking out of order. What do I do now?

5. I think I know how to use the Elliptical.


I think I used one of these as a kid...let's see how this goes.

6. Ah okay, the Elliptical isn't bad at all and this will make for a nice workout.


This isn't too bad and this is actually a really easy workout.

7. When are those people going to get off the Treadmills?


I feel like they have been here forever and all I want is a treadmill.

8.  My legs are going to look amazing from this Elliptical workout.


Can you imagine how good my legs are going to look in shorts if I workout on the Elliptical everyday?

9. Finally, someone is getting off of the treadmill.


I mean it feels like 8 hours later when someone is finally done with the treadmill.

10. Run to the treadmill!


This may be the only time today I run, but I need that treadmill.

11. Whew, I snagged the treadmill before the others that were staking it out.


Waiting for a treadmill is no joke and this is one of the many reasons that I don't like coming to the gym.

12. Let's start this workout nice and easy.


I will start this workout walking for a while and then jog because I don't want to over do it.

13. Why are these people running like 5 seconds after they got on the treadmill?


What is happening? Don't these people need to warm up first because I know that I do.

14. Am I doing this wrong? I'm still walking 10 minutes into my workout and these people are still running.


I honestly don't know how these people are doing this, but whatever I'm trying my best over here.

15. My workout is over and I will return when someone asks me to go with them.


The workout itself wasn't bad, it was the waiting for the machine and just being nervous that was bad.

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