Thoughts Every Floridian Has During A Snowstorm
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Thoughts Every Floridian Has During A Snowstorm

What's that white stuff falling from the sky?

Thoughts Every Floridian Has During A Snowstorm

Ahhhh. Snow. Everyone’s favorite part of winter. Snow cascades over the landscape like a soft blanket covering the ground and brightening the atmosphere. Perfect sledding, skiing, snowboarding, making snowmen, throwing snowballs and making snow angels. What’s even better is that it can mean no school for a few days if there’s enough of it.

In light of snowstorm Jonas hitting many East Coast states currently, I’d like to share what exactly goes through a Floridian’s mind when experiencing a snowstorm — because our experience is slightly different than everyone else's, especially while at college.

When it first starts getting cold outside.

Wait so ... it really gets colder than 60 degrees in other places? I thought that was a myth. Oh well, it’s a nice change.

When you realize the winter is longer than just the months of December and January.

Ok, as awesome as colder weather was for a few weeks, I want my warm weather and shorts back, ASAP.

Today’s temperature is 15 degrees and it feels like -2 degrees! Excuse me, this just doesn’t seem right.

When the snow starts falling and you start thinking the cold is worth it.

Wow, it’s so beautiful and pretty and whoah I can catch snowflakes on my tongue and look how deep I can put my foot into the snow!!

When the snowstorm closes all public transportation so you are literally stuck in your dorm.

What to do, what to do. Is it the right snow to build a snowman yet? No, too powdery. Hmph. Guess I’ll watch some more Netflix.

When people constantly keep asking you how you’re dealing with the weather.

Just because I usually don’t get this weather doesn’t mean I don’t like it — snow is cool! Except you’re kidding yourself because after a while you realize you want to be at the beach again.

When you’ve decided you just want it to be over.

Well, I’ve taken all my snow pictures, I’ve walked through the snowstorm and I’ve done as many winter”things as I can. So ... is it over yet?

Whether you’re a Floridian who has seen snow before or whether it’s your first time experiencing snow, good luck out there for Winter 2016 — and make sure to bundle up!

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