What It's Really Like When You Jump Out Of A Plane At 15,000 Feet

In about 30 minutes you will be 15,000 feet off the ground, dangling your legs out of a suspiciously small airplane. Your mother has called you nine times trying to talk you out of it but nothing will change your mind now. The ground begins to resemble a map and everyone becomes an ant as you ascend into the air. Before you've had a chance to hold your breath or whisper your last prayer, you're tumbling through the sky, with no clue which way is up.

These are the things that rush through your head.

1. I can't believe I'm doing this

Moments before dangling my feet out of the plane.

Renee Kennedy

I can't turn back now, I can't believe we're going first, I should've answered my mom's calls, what if I hate this, what if I get sick?

2. If I close my eyes and hold my breath maybe I won't...

The moment I realized I was actually about to fall out of a perfectly good airplane.

Renee Kennedy

Nope, I'm still falling out of a perfectly good airplane.


Pure ecstasy.

Renee Kennedy


4. OK wait this is kinda fun, this isn't so bad

Renee Kennedy

I am the coolest person on the planet. Well, not on the planet — you know what I mean.

5. I FORGOT I'M ON CAMERA (gives thumbs up to the go pro on the large man's arm)

Renee Kennedy

I'm good, this is good, everything's good.

6. Whoa my lips are flapping so much


I can't control my face.

7. This is going to look so bad in the video

Oh well, too late now.

8. WAIT, WAIT — When is the parachute supposed to come out?!

Renee Kennedy

OK, I think he's pulling it.

9. Shit, shit, shit — OK, it's out — I'm alive, but I definitely have whiplash

Renee Kennedy

Whoa yup there it goes.


Renee Kennedy

I'm on cloud nine, literally.

11. OK, you're letting me steer? I don't think that's safe

Renee Kennedy

I've seen horror stories on the news about this.

12. OK, that was fun, can we go back up?

Renee Kennedy

Like right now.

13. No seriously, please

Renee Kennedy


The moment your feet touch the ground, about a hundred emotions rush through your body. You're so excited and full of adrenaline you can barely catch your breath. The second you land you want nothing more than to go back up and fall all over again. That view that most see from an airplane window… YOU JUST SAW IT IN REAL LIFE.

After jumping out of a plane, you feel as though you can conquer anything. Your confidence is boosted beyond normal levels and everything in life suddenly becomes attainable.

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