Thoughts Everyone Experiences When They Purchase a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit
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Thoughts Everyone Experiences When They Purchase a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit


Thoughts Everyone Experiences When They Purchase a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit
Glam Meets Girl

1. Hmm, so where exactly does one go to order a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

2. I guess I'll just Google it.

3. Oh, cool she has her own website!

4. They're all sold out? Are you serious?

5. Ah, I see, she is restocking in five minutes.


7. Pull it together girl, you got this. Wow, so many options.

8. Wait, what is this weird advertisement video on here?

*Watches video*

9. I am so confused.

10. Focus, Madison, focus.

11. Okay, I guess I want Candy K and Exposed. Those look nice.

12. Adding them to my cart now. Just have to put in my--

13. Why is the site down?

14, Holding area?! Why is this teenage girl's product so freaking in high-demand?

15. This is ridiculous

16. I mean really, what is the huge obsess---

17. I'M IN.

18. MUAHAHAHA I'm getting my lip kit 'suckahs.'

19. Boom. Ordered. Should be in by next week.

*Waits a week*

20. Finally, it’s in!

21. I can’t wait to open it.

22. Omg, omg, omg!

23. Darn, I can’t get this box open; where are the scissors?

24. There. It’s time.

*Lifts lid as angels sing*

25. It's so (tear)...beautiful.

26. Aww, Kylie left a personalized note. She's so sweet.

27. Alright, let’s get these bad babies open and onto my eager lips.

28. Wait. I should probably shower first.

29. I should probably put on makeup too.

30. But, I’m not going anywhere...

31. Eh, why not?

*Showers and puts on makeup*

32. Boy, oh boy, am I ready.

33. Okay. Lip liner first.

*Draws lip liner basically all over face except lips*

34. There.

35. Wow, I actually suck at lip liner.

36. I should probably clean it up a little with some concealer.

*Tries to cover up with concealer and puts too much*

37. Just a little more lip liner.

38. Agh, I messed up again.

39. Screw it, I’m going in for the kill.

*Unscrews lip matte*

40. Wow, this smells great.

41. Just going to swipe one round on my lips…voila.

42. Well, that’s not the color I was expecting.

43. Actually this is really not what I wanted.

44. I want my money back.

45. Oh, wait. It’s changing colors.



48. Ok, calm down girl.

49. Wow, oh wow, I am in awe. This is great.

50. Selfie?

51. Selfie


52. Ugh, this is terrible lighting. Kim would not approve.

53. Of course, the camera doesn’t do these sweet lips justice.

54. I’ve never felt so alive.


56. Oh, wait. It’s 3:30.

57. Okay, I can’t do that.

58. How about shopping?!

59. I can’t wait to walk through the mall like I own the place.

60. Do you know who I am?

61. "Literally Kim, you are being so rude."

62. Did that actually just come out of my mouth?

63. Oh my gosh, I'm turning into a Kardashian.

64. Or am I a Jenner?

65. Whatever, I can’t even go to the mall because I’m so broke from all these lip mattes.

66. Who am I kidding, I’m not a Kardashian. I’m going to bed.

*Takes nap and dreams about driving a nice car, wearing a big coat, and committing armed robbery, all while putting on lip matte*

67. What a dream.

68. Is it still on my lips?

69. Holy Lord Disick, it sure is!

70. This stuff is incredible.

71. Literally.

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