Thoughts We've All Had At The Airport

It's that magical time of year again: Thanksgiving break. For many of us, that means braving the airports, filled with the most unsavory of folks: disgruntled travelers. Here are some of the thoughts that run rampant through my crazy little head while I'm at the airport!

Don't freak out! Yes, holiday travel takes normal people and turns them into monsters, but you can bask in the knowledge, that at some point during the day, you too will join the daunting abyss of kvetchers.

That moment when you pick the wrong security line. Sure, it may look seductive and short from your stance at the drop-off curb. Sure, you see the other side, where there are like fifty Hudson News stands, filled with glorious books and magazines. But you had to pick the slow line. The line with inexperienced travelers, including, but not limited to: children, old folks, teens and millennials too focused on their phones to realize that the line has moved, and the like. Not fun. Not fun AT ALL!

Waiting for a gate reassignment. Need I say more? I didn't think so.

When you call home to tell the fam that your flight has been delayed, yet again, and they're all: "no need to worry, honey," "just sit tight." Pshhhht. Easy for them to say.

When they announce that your flight is now boarding! OMG YAY! FINALLY ! You gather your belongings and strut your way towards the gate door.

Only, they aren't boarding your section yet. No, they invite platinum, gold, silver, bronze, pewter, dirty-steel, and inbred Appalachians before you. You're the lowest of the low. Oh well.

When you finally get on the plane, there is no room left in the overhead bins. You followed the rules, and packed an appropriately sized bag, but everyone else seems to have believed that they were above the rules. For shame, people. FOR SHAME. Now mind you, the flights I generally take are regional jets, those tiny things that hold just over fifty people, so you have to hustle for space. Perhaps it is better on larger planes....

But as you take your seat, finally allowed to settle in, you realize how lucky you are to be going home to see your family. You realized how much of a luxury you are afforded. You're thankful.

Even though the airport is utter madness during the holiday season, there's no place I'd rather be, because it means that I will shortly be in the company of my loved ones. Happy Holidays!

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