12 Thoughts that You Have After BuckeyeThon

BuckeyeThon is the 24 hour dance marathon that raises money for cancer research, and it helps support the kids at Nationwide Children's Hospital. This Saturday, I got to experience my first dance marathon and it showed me that "For the Kids" is more than just a saying. If it's your first BuckeyeThon or your last, you've thought these 12 things after it's over.

I can't believe I just did THAT

12 hours seems intimidating just thinking about it, but actually experiencing it is something completely different. After I finally sat down again, I couldn't believe that I had actually been standing for so long.

I don't ever want to move again

Once I finally sat down, I realized that I didn't want to get back up. When I came home, I sat down, and even though I wasn't doing anything, I didn't move for almost 30 minutes.

The tutu is the best souvenir ever

Tutu making is one of the most popular events during the dance marathon. Not only is it cute to wear them with the rest of your team, but it's also something that you get to take home with you afterward.

Silent Disco is soo much more fun than Rave Hour

While rave hour is a chance to pump everyone up for the last couple of hours, it was more overwhelming than anything else. When I went to the silent disco, it was just me and a couple of my friends, listening to the songs that we wanted to listen to. It was energizing to just dance with a couple people after being around so many people for so long.

Meeting the kids makes the experience even more meaningful

One of the best parts of the day shift is that the BuckeyeThon kids are running around the whole time. The most impactful part of the dance marathon is that you get to meet the kids you're helping. Not only does it give a reason to donate and care, but it also shows you the effects that your effort has. The BT kids also inspired me to keep going because they were so full of energy and excited even with everything that life had thrown at them.

I couldn't have done this without my donors

Not only are you dancing FOR the kids, but you're also dancing BECAUSE of your donors. As someone who wasn't close to the fundraising minimum to dance last year, knowing that people supported this cause that I care about and my personal involvement with this cause.

This shift has been so much more fun with my friends

If I hadn't have spent the day with my friends, it would have been so much longer to get through. My friends made it more fun, and it was easier to hold each other accountable both for continuing to fundraise and for not sitting down during this time.

It has been such a long day

12 hours standing is no joke. Towards the end of the day, I couldn't believe how long I had stayed in the same building, or how I had managed to stay busy for the whole day. The beginning of the day and the end of the day seemed so far apart when all was said and done.

I'm so glad I got this experience

BuckeyeThon is a very Ohio State experience. (While other colleges have a dance marathon, no one dance marathon is quite like any other.) It is an experience that can't really be explained, so getting to experience it is unlike any other.

I'm going to be sore tomorrow

In addition to standing for 12 hours, I decided that doing Zumba would be a fun way to keep me energized. However, I knew after a few hours of standing, I would be feeling it for the next couple of days.

I'm glad to be a part of something with such passionate people

The people who participate in BuckeyeThon are passionate about what they do, and most raise more than just the $250 minimum to fundraise. Not only do they give to a good cause, but they are also committed to standing for the who 12 hour shift. Without the passion of other people during this time, the dance marathon wouldn't be possible, but it definitely wouldn't be the same.

I can't believe how much we raised

It seems that every year, a higher amount is fundraised than the last. When I saw that we fundraised over $1.7 million, I couldn't believe how much it really was and how many people had given their time and effort for the cause.

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