Looking Back On 2016

Thoughts on 2016......

My life has changed this year very much. I started college, graduated high school and now I'm living away from home which is a thing I have never done before. It gives me more freedom and I love it! I have met my best friends in my first semester of college. I have gone through life changes in 2016. Also, my close cousin passed away from cancer this year and that was a hard loss for our family. Even though him and his family live in Ireland, we are still close. Cancer really does stink, but in 2016 I have matured a lot as a person. I have learned who my real friends are and who are not. Also in college I have made bad decisions that I've learned from. 2016 was a good and bad year. I'm excited to see what comes in the future for my life!

~ Siobhan Hendry

2016 has came around for different types of opportunities, especially the leadership ones I've obtained including being an Orientation Leader, e-board positions for three clubs I am a part of and being a Campus Life Program's Assistant (newer position on campus). Friendships were created, destroyed and rebuilt for numerous of reasons and family has came and gone. Death was in the picture for a few different appearances but it's a thing we have to accept. World wise, 2016 has had an interesting turn of events that all of us probably know about by now. All I know is 2016 was a roller-coaster and I know it was probably the same way for a majority of you like it was for me and I'm only praying 2017 will be better and I'm sure you all will be too. Have a Happy New Year!

~ Amanda Redman

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