I Thought You Were My Friend

Have you ever met someone you thought you would never meet before? Someone who would come into your life and really, truly make you happy? You never thought you would come across someone so great.

And when you talked to them, it just clicked.

You both realized that you would be the best of friends.

When you find someone like this, you keep them. Tell them everything. Make memories and make mistakes. You become bestfriends.

I have had a few of these in my life. Believe me, but one imparticular that just stood out.

Not in the best way.

Me and her were inseperable. We did everything together. We gossiped on the latest drama going on in both of our lives. We screamed our heads off in the car to every song you can think of. We cried. We worshipped the one up above. We were the typical "bestfriends" you could think of.

Then one day she decided we stab me straight in the back.

Out of all the people and all the things that had happened to me, I never thought she would be the one to put me in a situation that could possibly ruin my life, but she did. The funny part was that she blamed the WHOLE thing on me, and made everyone she talked to believe it was my fault. She got off on it, she loved seeing me going down the wrong path. She probably was hoping I would ruin my life.

I know right?

I bet you are wondering, why? Why she would try to make me out to be the worst person in the world? To make herself look better? Jealously? Just to do it? To make it seem like she was the victim knowing good and well who was? I mean if it wasn't for my family and true friends, I never would have made it through that ugly situation. You see, a true friend would never, and I mean NEVER, put you in a situation that could potentially ruin your life. When a true friend sees you making a bad decision, they speak up, and at the end of the day, if you did decide to go through with that decision anyway, they are STILL THERE FOR YOU, because they love you unconditionally and will stick by your side no matter what.

That is who you need as friends.

There is that select few, though, that will go above and beyond just to see you fall down in life. You ever notice those people that will see you doing the right things in life and they won't say anything, but AS SOON as you make a bad decision, they are quick to make a comment?

In social media terms, DELETE and BLOCK all of the negative people out of your life like this; that live to tear you down and make themselves look better.

You know who you are.

Much love,


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