Even as I write here, I do enjoy writing for myself. In the past, I even finished writing a novel and am just in the process of editing it because it was something I wrote in 2016. But with an active mind, I tend to have various ideas flowing through my head a lot. When it comes to figuring out things, these are some thoughts that would go through my mind when figuring out what to do when planning out writing.

1. Oh my god, I just got this great story idea! I need to write it down somewhere.

2. Wait, I'm in public... time to pull out the notes app on my phone.

3. OK, I have this idea. Wait, I actually have to plan out this thing.

4. The pain of planning is now back...

5. Let's figure out main character first. What will he or she be?

6. Ten hours later and I got nothing down. Let's try setting.

7. Wait do I want to go with a real setting or create my own?

8. Creating my own takes work and if I want to do a real setting I'd have to do research on that place.

9. Wow, my brain hurts right now. I'm going to break from this.

10. *Ends up forgetting about this for a couple of months*

11. *A song comes on that triggers that story idea again*

12. I should pick up on that story idea. Where was I?

13. And I got nowhere. Back to square one.