First article was a bit personal, so let’s make this one about a certain topic, do not want everyone learning everything about me yet. March 8th was International Women’s Day, awesome, women were acknowledged for all the hard work they do and they get a day to pamper themselves about it. Now before I go further I want to make this very clear, I do support women and their advancements in everyday life, in no way would I ever degrade their improvements nor their right to express themselves but there has been an aspect of this “feminist” era that has tweaked me the wrong way a few times.

So it’s the 21st century, women work in offices, are no longer forced to be housewives, receive the same education opportunity as men, you get the picture. Yet they still seem to be treated as if they are less than men in some areas of society in the US as well as in the world. From lower wages, sexist comments, “cat-calling”, etc., women in the US definitely still have a battle when it comes to their rights. Just like many women today, I myself am appalled at how women are sometimes treated and looked at. Women should be able to walk down the street without being stared at in a creepy manner, women should be able to go out with their friends and not have to be terrified some guy is going to drug and rape them that they do not even have a good time. But those issues are actually of small significance.

You’re a feminist, you believe in equal rights for everyone, right? So those women in the Middle East who still have to wear clothing that covers every part of their skin up, you’re fighting for them, right? The women whose genitals are mutilated, you got them, too, right? These questions and many other serious problems not even mentioned may sound pointless because it is not happening in your home, community, country so why should you care? Trust me I get it, being concerned that you might have to pay the bill when out with your boyfriend is a much bigger issue. Getting paid a few dollars less is much larger than being abused by your “husband” and it being okay. I’m not saying that there are not problems here in the US that need fixing regarding women, I am simply stating there’s a bigger problem and bigger picture that needs to be looked at and studied. And if we are going to be honest, a good majority of the problems here in the US could be solved by simply treating each other with respect, kindness, and compassion. Women like to make themselves seem as if they are the most perfect beings on the Earth and that every man is out to get them and I cannot express how awful of a thought process that is. Personally I’ve had my fair share of nasty men within my life, two of them being father figures, yet I still have trouble grasping the idea that every man means harm. I’ve met plenty of men and even young men who have congratulated me on my success and wish only the best for me.

If you’re a feminist and you victimize yourself you will not solve anything nor will it help men have a reason to respect us if women continue to act as damsels in distress. As a former classmate mentioned in her Facebook video about feminism, we are not damsels in distress, strong women are more than happy to pay the bill occasionally, we do not mind doing things for the men we care about, we know how to get things done when we need them done, and we do not need saving. Of course support equal rights, but focus on more than just yourself, there is more out there than that pretty Michael Kors purse and bank of a boyfriend.