I Don't Need Haters

10 Things I Want To Tell People Who Bullied Me Because Of My Disability–Hint: I'm Way Better Off Now

In the words of Taylor Swift: "Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate."

Misbah Chhotani

"But baby I'm just gonna shake shake shake shake shake, I shake it off." #thriving

1. To the girl who tricked me into thinking there was something on her hand that smelled good, and then pushed me towards desks.

I have friends now, and we play pranks on each other, but no one ever gets hurt or is in danger.

2. To the girl who broke off our two-year friendship because she was overwhelmed by my disability.

I'm sorry I overwhelmed you. I found friends here at college that love me for who I am.

3. To the friends who made me race around the kickball field, to prove that I can participate in the game.

I have friends now that will let me participate in any activity and are willing to accommodate.

4. To the guys who mimicked me pulling out my lashes.

It was a coping mechanism from the bullying I endured from y'all. I don't do it anymore.

5. To the nursing home that wouldn't offer me the original volunteer position and just stuck me behind a desk to answer phones.

Thank you for teaching me the things I don't want to do in life. I helped move students into dorm rooms this semester. Yes, I carried boxes on my lap up to their rooms. #strong

6. To the friends who didn't (and still don't) invite me to parties.

I have been invited to more parties and hangouts with my friends than I have in the 19 years I spent with y'all.

7. To the friend who thought I cared "too much" about her and abandoned a friendship.

I'm not going to apologize for my personality as a caring person. You were going through stuff, and I wanted to be there for you.

8. To the people at my lunch table who thought that the girl who comes and talks to me at lunch on a weekly basis was annoying.

She isn't annoying. She is nicer and kinder and sweeter than anyone else I know. I'm proud to be going to her wedding in May.

9. To the teacher who thought my writing needed improvement and that I lacked creative ideas and original thoughts.

I'm writing for Odyssey, aren't I?

10. To anyone I ever considered my best friend and we don't talk anymore.

I'm sorry, but we are clearly not friends, much less best friends. I have found my two best friends, and we text everyday.

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