Can You Guess This Week's "Guess Who?"

Remember that game we all used to play called "Guess Who"? Well, I'm bringing it back, and putting a twist on it -- Odyssey style. Instead of describing physical attributes of each candidate, a variety of facts will be listed. This week's "Guess Who?" candidate is a native to Nebraska and one of my nearest and dearest friends at Creighton. Read the following facts and see if you can "Guess Who" it is!

1. She's been on E! News.

2. She can stand on her head for eight minutes.

3. She's been to all 50 states.

4. She's done a backflip in seven countries.

5. She's pooped her pants on Splash Mountain.

6. She has a birth mark in her eye.

7. She chipped her tooth chewing bubble gum.

8. She can chug a water bottle in six seconds and two bottles in 14 seconds.

9. She broke her toe at the mall.

10. She has a Coca Cola can with her Snapchat username on it.

11. She was suspended for one day in 8th grade.

It was supposed to be a week but since she was a "good girl" it was only a day.

12. At her first co-ed party, she dressed up as a full-on Rubix cube.

13. Her senior superlative was "Shaun White's look alike."

14. She once ate so many War Heads, her tongue peeled, and she had to miss school.

15. Chris Farley died three hours before she was born. So, her life theory is that she is him, reborn.

That's who she must've got her dance moves from! (That's him in the gif by the way.)

Do you know who this is? You may also know her by her signature look: double braids. Or maybe you've attended one of her many 6 am cycling classes at the KFC... Sound familiar?

This week's "Guess Who!" is Grace Kelly!

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