This Semester Is A Struggle And A HALF

What is it about this semester? Did every professor meet up in August and scheme to make things absolutely miserable for all of us? Every person that I talk to is having the most stressful, overwhelming, challenging and truly grueling semester. I don't know what it is, but at least we are all on the struggle bus together, and hopefully next semester isn't nearly this rough.

1. Every professor is out to get you.

2. "Hell weeks" seem to be every week.

3. You frequently get kicked out of the library when it's closing.

4. You've gone through your meal plan faster than usual because of all the stress eating.

5. You contemplate wrapping yourself in your blanket for class.

6. You now need double the amount of coffee to survive a day.

7. You literally need to do homework on a Friday night just to keep up.

8. Every time you cross the street and see a car you yell, "HIT ME."

9. You feel dressed up when you wear an unwrinkled t-shirt.

10. You're constantly just one ball of stress.

11. Your parents call and ask how things are going and you say "Good."

12. But truthfully you aren't sure how you're going to make it to winter break.

13. Everyday you say to your friends that you are just SO over this semester.

14. The only time you're in your room is to sleep and that isn't nearly long enough.

15. To make matters worse, everyday there are fewer places that you can park your car.

16. You've taken your multi tasking game to a whole new level.

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