This Is My Outlet
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This Is My Outlet

We all have a way to express ourselves, writing is mine.

This Is My Outlet

My imagination is the reason I constantly return to a blank document. My confusion keeps me writing, because I debunk my own thoughts by putting them onto paper. My disappointment in the world around me or my amazement by the things I see keep me interested. My creative mind deceived me as a child. Creativity meant art in my mind. I love art but when I have a blank paper I fill it with simple doodles. My creative mind is best expressed through text. Writing is how I express myself. My mind moves fast. Lots of thoughts cross through it at once normally in a very disorganized fashion. When I can see all my thoughts on a page I can organize them. I can make sense of those thoughts and develop new ideas through them.

Writing can be an outlet of emotions I don’t know how to express. My anger is released by punching keys instead of walls. My words flood the page instead of tears flooding the floor. My joy shines through the story rather than my smile. My emotions are much more easily expressed through words as opposed to expressions from the heart.

The fatal flaw in writing, I must admit, is getting the right people to read it. I can let out all that sadness and pain onto a blank document and that is so beneficial for me, but the person who hurt me will never read those emotions. They will not know what they did to me. My developing ideas will not snow ball into a reformation because I will never put them out there. A writer is powerless without readers. I appreciate each and every person who has ever read my work. You are the reason I get to continue writing, the reason I became an English major.

I have been writing all my life but not until recently have I allowed anyone to read it. It takes a certain amount of bravery to publish something on a social platform. Everything I write comes straight from the heart. My writing is always rooted into my emotions and for someone to read that is a scary feeling. My confusion can make me seem stupid and my anger can make me seem crazy. I have not conquered the fear but I am working to overcome it. There are still many words of mine that I wouldn’t dare let someone else read, but there are also many words of mine published all over this site.

You, reader, may not be a writer. Maybe you’re a numbers person or more of a beauty guru or a varsity athlete. You may not be able to relate to the way that I express myself but one thing that all human beings have in common is a way of expression. We all let it out at some point. May you run, punch, drive, bake, eat, or write. I don’t know you all personally and I don’t need to. You have an outlet I know you do. What I care is that you never try to suppress that. There is no situation in which it would be inappropriate to express your feelings. It’s okay to cry at weddings. It’s okay to make holes in walls. It’s okay to post your feelings on a blog. This is how I express myself and all my reasons why I do it and how it helps. I’m sure you could back yourself up if someone asked you too. So, to all my very cherished readers, continue to express yourself!

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