She has my hair color, she has my sense of humor, she has my blood, but sadly she has my brain.

I see her cry and I know she's in pain. I have been there. It worked for me and I pray it works for her.

I felt the same way when I got the courage to take the pill. Your mind will be fixed, but first you have to go through hell.

Just a few more days and she'll be in the clear. I hope she can make it through, she will as long as I'm here.

She's away at college and I wait by the phone, ready to be there if she needs anything at all.

She has my endurance, she has my drive, she's barely holding on but I will get her to the light.

I promise her every bad day that this too shall pass. Nothing is forever, this worry will not last.

Months go by and nothing but stress. It brings me back to when I was a mess.

I suffered for years and no one knew what to do. I was losing myself, I fought it but it was true.

I wasn't sure if there was an answer but I couldn't live with this mind.

I 'm happy I never gave up. I'm happy I didn't stop trying.

A miracle drug brought me back to life.

I can't thank it enough for opening my eyes.

I didn't want to live anymore and I could have taken it all.

Now staring at my little girl, I can tell she's where I was.

She's bending and she's tired. "I promise I won't let you break."

I swear with all that I have, I will see her pretty teeth.

She is close to the end. She is rising from the deep.

Just up the dose a little more, I can feel there isn't much further.

What can't we do if we have one another?

It worked for me so there is a good chance it will work for you.

I want you to be happy and I want you to be you.

As sad as it is and how long you have suffered, I am happy you have my brain.

I'm so happy you're my daughter.