A letter to my younger self

Nakissy … listen.. breathe… slow down. The only thing you need to be worried about is yourself and your family. Even though people are usually looking over and past you do NOT concern yourself with those things. You need to remember that things like beauty, money, popularity do not last and aren’t the importance things in life. Please do not give up, why do you think you always find yourself in the same situations? You aren’t investing in yourself you are definitely too involved and concerned with other people and how they are perceiving you. Listen, you do not need to prove yourself to absolutely anybody but GOD. FOCUS on the things that are more important. Life hasn’t even started for you yet, and you can’t afford to waste your time being insecure, shy and afraid of the world. You are truly powerful, if only you could tap into your inner superstar everyday the things you would be able to accomplish would be out of this world. Nakissy please stay consistent, no matter how good your ideas are if you aren’t consistent you’ll never be able to reap the full reward. And lastly enjoy the moment , enjoy the people because it doesn’t last.