This Is What Two Days In The Wild Without Cell Service Will Do To You

This Is What Two Days In The Wild Without Cell Service Will Do To You

Dare to venture into the wild?

Last Friday, my family and I received the dreaded text message from Verizon informing us we had 10% of our data remaining. I assured my parents that I would stay off my phone, because I would be spending the weekend in Hochatown, Oklahoma. I couldn’t think of too many reasons why I’d need my phone during our stay in a log cabin in the woods. But to my surprise, my parents insisted I stay in contact and “send lots of pictures, sweetie.”

When the McLaughlin family and I pulled up to our cabin called “The Birdhouse” I snapped a picture and sent it to my parents. But the message failed to send, and in the upper left-hand corner, it read “no service.” It looked to me like my parents would be thanking me for avoiding coverage charges. That is, after they heard from me two days later.

That night, Kylee and I started a bonfire, set up her hammock, roasted hot dogs on the fire, discussed our favorite song lyrics, and spent the rest of the evening in the hot tub. Hundreds of trees surrounded our camp while the crescent moon and stars I had missed for so long peeked through their leaves.

Saturday began with a hearty breakfast of eggs with cheese, strawberries, sausage patties, and biscuits filled with butter and grape jelly. Kylee and I left a trail of biscuit crumbs along the ledge of the deck so that we could marvel at the bluejays that came up so close to the window in search of a snack. Then, we headed over to Broken Bow River and rented paddle boats and double kayaks. Kylee and I had spent the majority of our Fridays at Baylor on a kayak or a paddle board, so we decided to exercise our legs on a paddle boat this time.

Kylee’s family had the advantage of traveling faster on their kayaks, so they explored the lake while we trailed behind them. We met up at a cliff jutting out and over part of the river where Kylee’s parents encouraged us to climb up and jump off. We held hands, jumped on “3,” and sank into water that felt like it was made entirely of icicles. We did it twice more, and I somehow managed to earn two bruises on my shin from accidentally swimming into the cliff below water.

Our hour of rent time quickly approached two, so we paddled back to shore. We drove to the famed “House of Burgers and Blues” and feasted on delicious burgers that were at least the size of my hand. Poor Kylee had to silently suffer and watch as we scarfed down our lunches, because the waiter had mistakenly forgotten to tell the chef what she ordered.

After sifting through bigfoot memorabilia at the gift shop across the street, we went back to the cabin and discovered the biscuit crumbs we had left for the birds had mysteriously disappeared! At this point, we were all too tired to care so we relaxed in the hot tub and napped in our hammocks.

Later that night, we celebrated Mrs. Sherry’s birthday with a very special chocolate sheet cake made by the best master chefs around, Kylee and me. Per her mom’s request, we both taught her sister and her friend, Ella, how to two-step and line dance to country songs on the deck of the cabin. You can bet I will be teaching my own family soon!

After roasting our second round of hot dogs and s’mores, we headed in, showered, and fell asleep peacefully. The next morning, we had an easy morning lounging around the campsite and after saying goodbye to Kylee’s polaroid camera, (it slipped out of her hands) we headed back to the friendly state of Texas.

And that is when I started receiving messages again. Turns out, my family had taken in a stray kitten, my friend Emily Jane will be hosting a French foreign exchange student, and my friend Abigail’s brother celebrated his first anniversary with his wife! Did I love learning this new information? Absolutely. Could it wait a few days? Absolutely.

Get out in nature folks, and please, leave your phone at home.

Cover Image Credit: Bryanne Sanchez

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'Bird Box': Movie Vs. Book

The differences are more vast than you think.


I read "Bird Box" about three years ago when my English teacher recommend it to me. Ever since then, it has been my favorite book. When I saw that Netflix was making it into a movie, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I watched "Bird Box" and was only slightly disappointed. There were two scenes that I absolutely needed to see but they never appeared, Malorie and Victor in the bar and actual birds raining down on Malorie and the children in the boat. Since movies and the books they are based on are always different, I decided to write about the biggest differences that I noticed. Some of which, include a lot of gore.

1. Microphones


Tom had the idea to use microphones with an amp before he thought of the birds in a box. He actually found the birds in a box when he went on a supply run around the block they were living on. Malorie thought of his idea after the children were born and took Cheryl's car to get them. Ever since that day in the book, she had them set up so everything outside was amplified. This, of course, was when the birds were no longer there.

2. Tom


Tom had a wife and a little girl named Robin. Robin was in eighth grade and was really smart for her age but she looked outside and Tom had found her in the bathtub with her wrists slit. He buried her in the backyard and later found George's house, which he, Don, and George resided and thought of solutions to this problem which was originally called the "Russia Report". George had the idea of looking at them indirectly which he later found out was not a solution at all. In the movie, Tom had survived with Malorie and the children but in the book, he died when all of the other housemates died. Leaving Malorie to fend for herself and the children.

3. Tom and Malorie


The movie shows Tom and Malorie in a relationship. But the book suggests that Malorie is the only one who has feelings for Tom. She longs for him, his voice, and his presence. But Tom is more concerned with being the leader of the house, although he has a kind tone towards Malorie.

4. Gore


The book has way more gore than the movie, which is completely understandable why it didn't make the cut. There are scenes of the housemates blindly stepping on and running over dead bodies, finding dead bodies of families, and even found someone, dead, who had scooped their eyes out into a bowl on the table. The book also tells about news reports like a pair of old-lady twins who where biting people's faces off at a hospital that were shot by the police. Plus, the death scenes in the book were different from the movie, most likely because they are impossible and needed to been more real than what they were.

5. Deaths


Shannon: She did not flip a car with a very pregnant Malorie in the passenger seat. Her and Malorie had been living in a house with blankets over the windows and while Malorie was downstairs watching the news, she called for Shannon who did not give a response. She walked upstairs to find Shannon had stabbed herself in the chest with a pair of scissors.

George: Although George did die watching the recording of the creatures, he did not bang his head on the floor. Instead, he tore his body through the rope that tied him to the chair and the book describes it as flesh ribbons.

The Housemates: All except Malorie died when Don removed the blankets from the windows and opened the doors.

Olympia: Although she did jump out of the attic window after giving birth, in the book, she hangs herself by her umbilical cord that she chewed off.

6. Gary


The pictures that can be seen spread across the table are actually just notes in the book. Malorie steals Gary's briefcase that he brought with him and finds it. It had his ideas written in it stating that he believed people's reactions to the creatures were psychosomatic meaning that the insanity that follows from looking at them aren't the creatures but the result of dramatic people looking at them. He doesn't believe that the creatures make people go insane, they choose to go insane. The housemates cast him out after Malorie tells them about the journal but Don sneaked him to the cellar where he lived for about seven weeks, in solitude, feeding Don his philosophies. It was Don who originally pulled the blankets down and opened the doors, not Gary. However, Gary did enable this behavior.

7. Victor


If you've read the book, this is probably the saddest part of it all. Victor is Jules' border collie who was locked in the cellar when the blankets were torn down. He survived with Malorie and went to the bar with her to fetch the microphones as her seeing eye dog. Except he saw a creature and it was then that Malorie knew animals were not immune. She listened as he snapped at the air and chewed off his leg. She had to leave him, she didn't have a choice.

8. Jane Tucker School For the Blind


The safe haven Malorie and the children go to in the end, is a school for the blind. However, a lot of the residents had gouged their eyes out because it was the ultimate protection. Because they do not resort to this method, Malorie stays.

9. Supply Runs


There were two supply runs that only consisted of Tom and Jules, not everyone. They found two huskies as seeing eye dogs and the bird box on the first run and the second run is when they went to the grocery store.

10. The Man on The River


I think the purpose of this man is simply to make Malorie uneasy. He originally had a motorized boat and tried to convince Malorie to remove her blind fold and even got really close to the boat, but Malorie rowed away then got attacked by a pack of wolves.

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