Kombucha. You may know it as the cult-favorite drink born in San Francisco, or from scrolling on your Instagram feed. It's found in a myriad of different containers, recipes, and diets.

Intrigued, I decided to hop on the trend for 30 days. Here's what I found out (hint: it's not all good).

Week 1

The first week sucked. Why? My stomach. Kombucha is made up of probiotics, among other beneficial ingredients. These probiotics aid digestion. However, in that first week, drinking it constantly changed how my body digested food.

I was drinking the Odwalla Smobucha, which is traditional kombucha mixed with their green smoothie. But to put it bluntly (I'm so sorry), this first week, I passed gas literally all the time. But things soon improved.

Week 2

But as time passed, my body began to adapt, and the kombucha had positive effects. I wasn't as hungry throughout the day and felt more energized — despite not changing my sleep schedule or coffee intake. My digestive system was still a little funky, but definitely less gassy than the first week. I felt just OK.

Week 3

Per the gif, I really started to like this new habit by week three. My body had gotten accustomed to kombucha, and I was no longer gassy.

I noticed that on days I skipped kombucha I felt less energized and ate more, but when I had kombucha I was less inclined to do so. This week, I tried a new brand, Health-Ade, and liked it!

Week 4

By the one-month mark, drinking kombucha is not a new habit anymore — it's the way I live my life.

After getting over the initial phase of gas and bloating, I feel better than ever before. It's a yummy drink, in many varieties, that keeps my stomach healthy and prevents overeating. If you can get past week one, I would highly recommend getting yourself some kombucha.