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The Philosophy Of Something New

Have you ever tried something new? Who am I kidding, of course you have.

​Rebecca Sagastizado
Rebecca Sagastizado

So you found yourself in quite the predicament, you must attempt to do something new. *Shiver* Oh trust me, I know the feeling. Starting new things is, needless to say, quite the exciting experience. Now whether or not exciting things are good or bad for you is an entirely different discussion, but regardless of how you view the more exhilarating sequences in life, this whole "new" thing can be hard to do. Many thoughts can plague one's mind while starting off, such as, but of course not limited to,

"Why am I doing this?."

"I can't do this."

"This is going to be too hard." Though in that grand array of negative thoughts that can often first flood the inner sanctum of our hearts as a reaction to the idea of new, there also lies the ever so faint, and ever so pleasant feeling of "What if?" This singular thought, that penetrates the darkness of our usual first reactions, can be a powerful tool when used correctly.

I'd wager that most of us tend to give in to those negative thoughts more often than we use those crazy, fancy things called "optimism", and "enthusiasm." Why do we as humans tend to lose such traits as we age? With age typically comes experience, through trials and hardships, and with those things, we become not just stronger but often hardened and desensitized. When something bad happened enough times to someone, they stop hoping for something better and just expect similar bad things to happen to them again. I can't say it does not make sense, that this wouldn't be the most logical way to adapt to hard things. I think we can live better though.

Have you ever seen a child before? Small things, kinda look like miniature humans? Of course you have. Anyway, have you taken note to the fact that they are the most optimistic and enthusiastic scamps that ever existed? You tell a kid that you might play a game with them, and they are not like 90% certain that you are absolutely going to play that game with them. At the very least, they are full of hope that you will.

So this grand disconnect between ourselves and the youngsters we used to be is a good example of how we slowly learn how to be less, as we become more. We become more experienced but less open to the idea of new. Children will try just about anything. Remember the first time someone tricked you or pranked you? Of course you don't! It happened too many times as a child for you to really notice it or care! You were just excited to be learning, excited to be doing something new. That wondrous excitement would feel entire, though small, being every time something new came rolling around.

Trying new things is a difficult thing indeed, I won't deny that. It can scare the bravest of us. I also am not trying to chastise or tell you that you are doing things wrong for having such emotions such as fear of new. What I am saying though, is that there is always room to grow, to improve, to try to be better. Is not our betterment in a sense, something new? When we put in that effort to become better, to handle new things with a better attitude, we are in a sense attempting something new.

So, how do we best try something new? Well, in my opinion, we do it with a smile on our face, hope in our hearts, and the optimism and enthusiasm of a child. Don't beat yourself up for halting before the edge of that jump into the great metaphorical pool of new things, but do take time after that leap of faith is taken, the hard deed is done, smile, regardless of the outcome.

Try something new today, trust me, it might lead you somewhere that happiness lies.

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