10 Annoying Things Vegans Say

10 Things Vegans Say That Make Me Want To Shove A Burger In Their Mouth

I love animals too, don't get me wrong, but i'd rather have a nice steak than quinoa and cardboard any day..


I am not trying to be rude to vegans. It's a different lifestyle that I respect. But honestly, a part of me just will never understand. I get it, animals are super important to our eco system and preserving and protetcing them is essential to our environment. I love animals just as much as the next guy. But i believe that some of them were meant to be eaten! I am totally against people hunting for fun or hunting in wild habitats, but bacon, chicken, all of that is essential to my stomach!

1. "Does this have dairy in it?"


2. "Do you have your meals labeled as vegan or vegetarian here?"

Listen, most big-ticket items at restaurants besides pasta dishes are made with some sort of animal meat... I'm sorry but that's the way it works. The majority of people love steakhouses! You can't get mad at institutions that appeal to the masses.

3. "I never get sick"

COOL. I'm willing to sacrifice a cold or stomach bug every once in a while if that means I can eat a burger and shake or eggs with cheese instead of only eating tofu and rice.

4. "You must hate animals"

Actually, I can guarantee that all "carnivores" loooovvveeee animals. We love them so much that we like to use them for one of their many purposes: being eaten. I love animals and it's offensive to me that you think that just because I have salmon at dinner, I am out to get our underwater ecosystem. I'm not the villain alright?

5. "Doesn't that hurt your stomach... I'm so grossed out"

No, it doesn't hurt my stomach. Actually eating meat provides me with lots of proteins and vitamins that I need to function as a human being.


Matcha is pretty good, I'll give you that, but coffee is soooo much better. I can tell a matcha iced latte is powder from some weird nut/plant. Having a freshly brewed coffee with cream and sugar- there's just nothing better.

7. "Vegan recipes honestly don't taste that different from regular non-vegan recipes"

YES THEY DO. Let me know what the hell you are putting in vegan mac and cheese... That's made completely by animals! What kind of weird ingredients are you using to make these mock-meals? I am confused as to how you could think vegan lasagna tastes anywhere close to regular lasagna!

8. "Almond milk and coconut milk is just as good as the milk you take from a cow"

This milk is OKAY. It's way more expensive, boujee, and flavorless!

9. "You're basically a murderer."

No babe, I'm not. If you believe in all living things having souls and shit then you must also believe that ripping roots out of the ground to shove into your mouth is wrong too! Decide what your morals are and stick to them and don't make me feel bad for choosing a different lifestyle, k?!

10. " There's just never enough options for me"

I'm sorry but sometimes it feels like veganism is just a trend. Veganism is just now starting to get more popular and mainstream. You can't expect every single restaurant and grocery store can be accommodating. Go to a place that you know has options!

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