42 Things To Thank Your Father For, Today And Every Day
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42 Things To Thank Your Father For, Today And Every Day

Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad.

42 Things To Thank Your Father For, Today And Every Day

We all have people in our life that are extremely important to us. For me, one of those individuals is my father. My dad has been there for me (literally) my entire life, and has supported me through the ups, downs, and in-betweens of everything I've faced in the past 21 years.

Sometimes it's the people that are the most important to us that we forget to appreciate because we tend to assume they understand our immense gratitude, love, and respect without us verbally expressing it. They've been there through thick and thin, and there is no doubt they will never leave our side. In honor of Father's Day having just passed, here's a shout out to the awesome dads in this world. Thanks for all that you have done, continue to do, and will do throughout our lives.

Here are 42 reasons to thank your father today and every day.

1. For spending time with you after a long day of work.

2. For teaching you how to ride your first bike, and eventually drive your first car.

3. For being Santa Claus.

4. And the Tooth Fairy.

5. And the Easter Bunny.

6. For teaching you financial responsibility.

7. And for remedying the destruction of your first credit card when that lesson eventually failed.

8. For allowing you the freedom to become who you want to be.

9. And supporting all of your dreams while still keeping you somewhat in check.

10. Teaching you the value of money and items, but spoiling you nonetheless.

11. Corny dad jokes.

12. Sneaking junk food with you when mom said no.

13. Your love of action films.

14. For driving you everywhere in the good ol' pre-license days.

15. For paying for gymnastics/cheer/dance/other classes.

16. And for college, your sorority, clothes, food, and all those other things that you absolutely need to have .

17. Essentially for being your personal bank of which you are a VIP Platinum level member who also happens to be very much in debt but are constantly graced.

18. For having good intentions, even if he can be overly protective.

19. For vehemently standing up for you if anyone ever puts you down or hurts your feelings.

20. Teaching you the true meaning of respecting others.

21. Embarrassing you in public.

22. Always calling you beautiful and pretty even if you're dressed in sweats and not wearing makeup.

23. For giving you everything you've wanted, within reason.

24. For playing basketball, tennis, and catch with instead of just lazing around all day.

25. Teaching you how to fix a dead battery, flat tire, and other car issues.

26. And picking up the phone and coming immediately during an inevitable car issue because turns out you don't remember how to fix it.

27. Working so hard to provide the family a good life.

28. Even though you still don't really understand what he does.

29. Always eating more than you at the dinner table so you don't feel like you overate.

30. For bear hugs.

31. And tucking you in at night.

32. Making sure you got up in time to go to school during the dreaded middle school/high school days.

33. For being proud of you no matter what the outcome.

34. And loving you unconditionally, no matter how many times you mess up.

35. For fixing everything you break.

36. Doing your taxes.

37. Making you laugh, even when you're upset.

38. Forgiving you for driving over that once patch of lawn each time you back out of the driveway, even though you ruin it each time he fixes it.

39. Actually, pretty much forgiving you for everything of his that you break.

40. Taking care of the pet hamster and cleaning its cage even though 10-year-old you said that you would.

41. Daddy-Daughter dances.

42. For telling you the only gift he ever wants is spending time with you.

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