To My Future Daughter
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To My Future Daughter

Just some things to keep in mind.

To My Future Daughter
Destiny Hauns

To My Future Daughter,

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Chocolate will not always cure your heartbreaks.

2. Only worry about your happiness, thats the most important.

3. Wear sunscreen like it's your job (trust me I learned my lesson).

4. Eat more than one slice of pizza.

5. Always reapply your lipstick so it never cracks.

6. Never lose contact with far-away friends, they are the ones that will always be there.

7. Do not bite your nails, you'll regret it.

8. Learn from your own mistakes to prove me wrong.

9. Pick a perfume that is "you."

10. Don't let a boy validate your existence.

11. You don't always have to dress nice to school, sweats everyday is okay.

12. It's okay to just cry.

13. If you need to talk, it's okay to wake me up at 3am even if I have work at 6am.

14. It's okay to hope for love.

15. Don't be sad if you get your hopes up, it happens.

16. Carbs aren't always bad.

17. I promise.

18. If you want to travel, travel.

19. Be gentle with you skin.

20. Take pictures, they make the memories last forever.

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